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Sponsor: Icebreaker

"Icebreaker": (noun), synonym for "Absolutely awesome super fine Merino garments". ~ Chris & Jess Dictionary, 2005

Developed in conjunction with a simple yet revolutionary layering system of skin, mid and outer clothing layers, Icebreaker is recognised as producing the world's best insulating, breathable, all-natural fabric. This amazing fibre is sourced directly from select high-altitude merino stations in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Far from being the itchy, course 'woolen' clothes that your grandma knits, Icebreaker garments are astonishingly silky smooth, and are designed to allow you to perform your best in total comfort, no matter what environment or activity you're engaged in.

Staying warm and comfortable (even when wet) is crucially important for this series of high latitude yachting trips - that's why we'll be decked out in Icebreaker garments. When crammed together in this small little yacht without a shower, we'll also be loving the fact that Icebreaker doesnt smell after prolonged use either!

Chris has been an 'Icebreaker sponsored athlete' since 2005, and finds that not only are their garments incredibly functional, but they are also incredibly funky! Icebreaker keeps you at the perfect temperature, in awesome style, in all conditions hot or cold, out on an expedition, or out on the town! Chris and Jess together were sponsored by Icebreaker for some of their recent cycle tour trips, and now We'll be taking a range of Icebreaker garments sailing including thermals from their Icebreaker GT range, coats, pants and T-shirts.

Most specialized expedition kit comes home and lies dormant in a cupboard until the next trip but not Icebreaker! I find myself wearing the very same garments, having survived the rigors of expedition-life without pulling a thread, around Sydney day in, day out: to work during the week, jogging or bike riding on the weekends, and even out to social functions and dinners. Its warm, it's cool, it's light, it's fresh, it's soft, its strong, and it's styling it's brilliant!

Icebreaker is one of those brands that I trust implicitly, and over the years have come to rely upon it.

Thanks very much to Rob, Alice, and the team! Check out their amazing range of garments online Icebreaker rocks!

Visit the Icebreaker website: http://www.Icebreaker.com.

Jess and Chris in Icebreaker in Northern Territory 2009

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