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Latest 15 of 1952 messages:

Just bout a boat (George Adam - 3rd May 17)

Hi Chris and Jess,

I just bought a sailboat a few months ago. I've been looking to get one for a few years now and finally made the big step. The boat is a 35ft aluminium sloop from 1982, and it's moored in Barcelona atm and if you ever come by let me know, you're welcome to stay!

I'm a Romanian living in London and my girlfriend is from Australia.

I really liked your youtube channel !


Chris & Jess's Reply (3rd May 17)

Hi George, Thanks so much for your message!! Your boat sounds amazing!! Make sure to send up a picture or two when you start sailing her!! I'll have to take note to come and visit if we find ourselves in Barcelona. Unfortunately we don't travel to Spain very often. But if we do we'll look you up for sure!! Cheers, Jess and Chris

(Gene Roll - 13th Apr 17) - Re: News item 'TELEPORT still for sale'

is your boat still for sale?

Chris & Jess's Reply (13th Apr 17)

Hi Gene,
Our boat has been sold! Sorry! Thanks for your interest.

Amazingly inspirational (Jacob and Anja - 9th Apr 17)

Me and my wife just binge watched your youtube channel. You two are really an inspiration, not only for taking on an enormous endeavor, but mostly because of the spirit you do this with.
Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!!

Chris & Jess's Reply (9th Apr 17)

Hi Jacob and Anja,

Thanks so much for your lovely message and for watching all our videos!! It's great to get feedback from people who have watched and enjoyed our videos!! Thanks again, Jess

Outer Kenai Sailing (Tom Pillifant - 5th Apr 17)

Hi Guys -
Fabulous adventure, really wonderful videos. I'm a filmmaker in Alaska and last year took possession of a FolkboatIF (Freelance) which I'm keeping in Seldovia near my property on Hesketh Island in Kachemak Bay. Pretty new to sailing, but the boat is well-found and I'm beginning to plan a few trips for the upcoming summer that will take me mostly between Seldovia and Resurrection Bay along the Outer Kenai Peninsula. I'm very curious to hear from you what your favorite anchorages were in the area and perhaps get a little insight into some of the local conditions en route - particularly the current through Chugach Passage and how you routed past Nuka Bay. Anyway, Great work - really a gem that stands out amidst the noise. Best to you both, hope to see you back in Alaska one day.

Chris & Jess's Reply (8th Apr 17)

Hi Tom, Thanks so much for your email! I have just sent you an email with some more detailed information! You'll have an amazing summer!! Enjoy! Jess & Chris

(Postdoctoral Fellow UOttawa - 3rd Apr 17)

May I could have your email adress? I am working on a survey on pleasure craft in Canadian Arctic Waters.

If you would agree, just send it to me by email.

All the best

Redlands presentation (Judith - 22nd Mar 17)

Chris thank you for such a wonderful presentation on Monday night,you are an inspiration to the young adults of today to go "DUIT"..Your no fear attitude along with determination, humour, positiveness, smile & partner Jess proves what can be achieved if you give it a go. Thanks again I

Hello! (Mike - 10th Mar 17)

Just discovered your videos on Youtube the other day. Almost got through most all of them. Fantastic videos. I have really enjoyed them. Maybe one day I could follow in your wake! Although the mosquitoes are a bit off putting!!

Thanks for a sharing your fantastic adventure!

Chris & Jess's Reply (11th Mar 17)

Hi MIke, Thanks so much for watching our videos on Youtube!! It takes a lot to film / edit them all together so we are really happy when people write to us to say 'thanks'! We hope you get to sail north, it was one of the best experiences in our life!! The mosquitoes are really bad tho, I won't lie!! All the best for your own adventures!!

Yacht Teleport (Liam Pareis - 13th Feb 17)

Hey Chris & Jess!

Really enjoyed watching your adventures aboard yacht Teleport. I was wondering if she's still for sale? The most recent listing I found is about half a year old.

Chris & Jess's Reply (14th Feb 17)

Hi Liam, thanks so much for watching our videos and for your comment!! We have a buyer for Teleport who is going to check her out this weekend so we have our fingers and toes crossed that he likes what he see's and will continue the adventures!!

chris@giftworks.co.uk (Chris Yale - 6th Feb 17)

Hi Chris & Jess
Came across this one and thought of you and your amazing North West passage, how about this Swiss family with 5 children onboard!! The family Dario&Sabine Schwoerer toptotop-dot-org(I'm not able to include the Yuotube link here!)

btw..Any family developments of your own just yet:)
All the best in 2017 whatever your plans, regards, Chris yale

Chris & Jess's Reply (6th Feb 17)

Hi Chris! So great to hear from you!! Yes we had been following toptotop for a while. We kept bumping into the people that had met them as we sailed in Alaska! An amazing and inspiring family!! We have a few business ventures on the go at the moment and hope to start our family (and get a bigger boat) very soon! Thanks for keeping in touch!

Charts (Marc - 12th Jan 17)

Hello Jess and Chris,

Do you still have your charts for the NWP and the easter coast to Canada? Planning a similar trip.


Chris & Jess's Reply (12th Jan 17)

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your message. Yes we still have the charts - some of them might be at home and some on the boat. We are home during the first week of Feb if you want to email me contact@yachtteleport.com and I'll see what ones we have at home.


Sunday Night TV Interview (David Edson - 24th Dec 16)

Chris and Jess,

Enjoyed the profile video from Australian TV you recently posted. What an excellent adventure! Thanks so much for sharing this part of your lives. your videos continue to inspire as I work away on my 28' sail boat, a project briefly profiled in Letters to the Editor in the November 2016 issue of SAIL Magazine. Keeping the dream alive! Blessing to you both.



Hello and thank you (Michael Stask - 7th Dec 16)

Hello, My name is Michael, my girlfriend Phoebe and I just started watching your videos last week. We are sailors from Vancouver, BC. We love sailing the west coast and look forward to sailing to Alaska soon and one day the north west passage. Your videos are inspiring and just amazing. So I wanted to say thank you both. We are sad to hear you are selling Teleport but understand. Have fun on your next adventures and we hope you keep up the videos.

Michael and Phoebe

Chris & Jess's Reply (7th Dec 16)

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for your message!! We are really glad that you enjoyed our videos! Thanks so much for watching and also for taking the time out to write to us! It's awesome to hear that you have your own boat and are thinking of taking it up to Alaska and beyond - best decision you'll ever make!! Keep in touch. Jess & Chris

Inspired (Shane Magill - 3rd Dec 16)

Hey guys,
I have just binged watched every youtube vlog of your saling adventure. Wow. I have always wanted to visit Canada and Alaska but after watching your vlogs, now more than ever. So, I am now on the hunt for a yacht(a little bigger than Teleport) to do exactly what you guys have done with one or should I say 2 small differences....I am a single dad of Lily 8 and Lachie 5. I will be packing them up with me, home schooling them on board and the 3 of us will be sailing off on the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Truly inspirational.
Warmest regards,
Shane Magill

Chris & Jess's Reply (3rd Dec 16)

Hi Shane! Thanks so much for writing to us! We were so happy to read your message last night and super excited for you and your family's adventures!! We can't wait to start our own family and purchase a bigger yacht so we can take them sailing! Chris grew up on a sailing boat - best lifestyle for the kids!! Just so excited for you!! All the best!

Where are you (Steve Tilborghs - 1st Dec 16)

I followed your updates with a lot of interests and respect !
The last year you did not showed up on you tube but now i know why !
Thanx for sharing your sailtrips and I wish you a lot of succes and hapiness in the future !
Greetings from belgium

Chris & Jess's Reply (1st Dec 16)

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your message and for following our journey! Yes, sadly our boat is up for sale! Life has taken over, but we are planning / dreaming about our next stronger boat! So stay tuned!

(Anonymous - 17th Nov 16) - Re: News item 'TELEPORT still for sale'

I\m originally from Halifax and remember Teleport at AYC. Thank you for giving her love and the adventure she so deserved. Wishing her another fantastic new home. Wish I could bring her to Denmark and sail her back to Nova Scotia. Looking forward to you new adventures.

Chris & Jess's Reply (17th Nov 16)

Hi! Thanks so much for following our journey, right from the very beginning! Teleport has come a long way since Halifax but if it wasn't for all the amazing and very generous people we meet and who helped us in so many different ways in Halifax she would still be there!! We'll be back with a new adventure for sure!

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