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Sponsor: Dirty Dog Eyewear

To cope with the bright conditions, glare and perpetual 24hr/day sunlight we'll face during our arctic sailing trips, we need to have fantastic sunnies and snow goggles, and with Dirty Dog as our eyewear sponsor, we'll also be looking stylish!

Ever since Chris first went to the Arctic in 2005, he's relied on Dirty Dog Eyewear - both sunnies and goggles - and has become addicted to them. Not only are our sunnies durable, UV protecting and polarized, but they look awesome too! Take a look!

Developed from the discovery of 'TR90' - A lightweight and virtually unbreakable compound, Dirty Dog sunnies and masks are in demand from successful athletes as a brand that can be relied on to perform in extreme conditions.

Weather out sailing, exploring ashore in the snow or back at home in Australia, Jess and Chris are always stylin' in Dirty Dog eyewear.

Thanks Dirty Dog for your continued support!

Visit the Dirty Dog Eyewear website: http://www.dirtydog.com.au/.

Jess and Chris sporting their new Dirty Dog goggles.

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