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Sponsor: Air Canada

Air Canada is the fastest way to fly between Canada and Australia, and Jess and I are delighted to be aboard their wonderfully swift and comfortable 14-hour, non-stop service direct from Sydney to Vancouver, and then onwards to whichever part of their beautiful country our yacht Teleport awaits us.

A founding member of the Star Alliance network, and flying over 32 million customers annually to over 170 destinations on five continents, I have flown with Air Canada more than half a dozen times, and know I can trust them to get me to the start of my arctic expeditions, quickly, safely, and on-time - feeling relaxed and ready to get out there and explore all that Canada has to offer.

My relationship with this airline has gone from strength to strength ever since they flew my expedition partner Clark Carter and I, in the unparalleled luxury of Executive-First Class, to Canada to begin our world first '1000 Hour Day' Expedition across Victoria Island in 2005. Bliss.

We are very proud to have Air Canada on-board again, this time supporting Jess and my adventurers on Yacht Teleport, and urge you when you next come to explore Canada for yourself - to fly there with Air Canada. You wont regret it!

Visit the Air Canada website: http://www.AirCanada.com.

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