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Sponsor: Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks (GMN) is a dynamic company dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and cost effective wireless data communication services and products to people all over the world even those out in the middle of the Arctic.

GMN have hosted the comms systems for all my adventurers for many years, and they are the best out there at providing efficient data services for remote locations. I connect my Iridium satellite phone up to my laptop to get internet and email access, but critically, without GMN's brilliant XGate and iScribe software (for both Mac and PC) that compress emails, internet traffic etc, it would be too expensive. The rough advanced features like compression and 'mid-file resend', GMN's xGate makes it affordable, and so easy!

One of the best things about this sailing adventure is the ability GMN gives us to share our experiences with the outside world as it happens. So if you're considering a trip away on your yacht or elsewhere, it's worth taking a look at their website below! They also provide tracking options, GRIB file servers for free weather info and much, much more!

check out on their web site below.

Visit the Global Marine Networks website: http://www.GlobalMarineNet.com.

Connecting my Macbook Pro to the net, running GMNs xGate, and using an Iridium Satellite phone.

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