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Sponsor: Landwide Satellite Solutions

Landwide Satellite Solutions is a long-term, key-stone sponsor of my various expeditions, providing me with the central piece of my communications setup Iridium satellite mobile phones. 100% Global Coverage both voice and data.

Unfortunately there is an inverse-relationship between places that have perfect cellular mobile phone reception and places that are perfect for an adventure. Out in the wilderness, whether I just want to let the outside world know Im alive, or if I am sending out regular expedition updates, complete with photographs live from the arctic John Booth from Landwide Satellite Solutions has me covered.

For this arctic sailing adventure, Landwide Satellite Solutions also loaned us a 'Solara Field Tracker 2100', constantly pinging our exact GPS position back here for you to follow every hour, live, via Iridium satellite!

Not only does this little self-contained unit provide mapping and tracking, but it can even send and receive SMS's, be remotely programed, send emergency alerts to pre-programmed people and more. Going on a trip yourself? Buy or hire one, or a satellite phone, from my friends at 'Landwide Satellite Solutions'! Thanks guys!

You're a legend John!

Visit the Landwide Satellite Solutions website: http://www.Landwide.com.au.

Using an Iridium satellite phone to connect our laptop to the Internet onboard Teleport.

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