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Sponsor: Amphibian Inflatables

We’ve been looking for a small Rigid hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) for Teleport for some time now, basically as a dingy to get to and from shore and explore around, and also in theory to be able to tow Teleport or even act as a lifeboat if necessary. It needed to be small, no longer than eight feet so that it would fit (inflated and ready to go) on deck behind the mast, and a rigid hull (rather than the more common inflated or slatted floor inflatables) to make it a bit more durable when dragging up onto rocks, ice etc, and the tubes made from the more durable Hypalon fabric. We looked everywhere but there was nothing exactly what we wanted, until we bumped into our old friend Bill from Amphibian Inflatables – the fiberglass expert who helped us repair that delaminated section of the keel last year – and he offered to custom-build one for us within two weeks, extra-robust with extra handles, keel-guards and rub-strips, complete with Teleport-Green trim! We know the quality of his work from last year, and considering as Bill makes the highest quality inflatables for the military, for National Geographic, Coast Guard etc – we couldn’t be happier! Thanks Bill!

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Teleport's RIB

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