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Sponsor: Turtle-Pac

Turtle-Pac are the makers of tough, flexible bladder tanks specifically designed for aircraft and boats. Up in the arctic it can be a long way between fuel stops and reports are that there can be an awful lot of motoring to get places when you need to. So we have two x 50L and one x 100L flexible fuel tanks, the 100L tank with diesel will be strapped onto the deck (fitting nicely under our RIB) as well one 50L filled with diesel stashed in the bilge and the other 50L will be filled with water and stored in the forepeak as an emergency water supply.

Anyone who is unsure of the idea of using flexible tanks to store something like fuel in should watch the video on Turtle-Pacs website where they drop one of their 500 L tanks 33 feet from a chopper (22 tons of force on impact) and it survives with no damage these things are amazing. The unique two layered design of their bladders provide puncture and abrasion protection, weather and UV protection and have heavy duty tie down points so we can secure the tank on deck. Thanks for getting these to us Laszlo!

Visit the Turtle-Pac website: http://www.turtlepac.com/.

Tough Tanks

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