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Sponsor: Australian Geographic

The Australian Geographic Society has played a major role in supporting all my various expeditions, and I am forever indebted to their initial fostering and now ongoing support.

After my mate Jasper Timm and I returned from our Tasmanian Wilderness Expedition in 2004, we were jointly presented the Society's ‘Young Adventurer of the Year’ award, and that really was the key that jump-started my adventuring career. Over the years I have formed a very close relationship – and many friendships - with the staff at Australian Geographic, and it has been my privilege to become involved at various levels including, recently being elected onto their board of Trustees, their youngest ever board-member.

Australian Geographic is dedicated to supporting scientific research, environmental and community projects and encouraging the spirit of adventure and discovery. Their enthusiasm for helping people achieve their own goals is truly inspiring, and I draw a lot of motivation from their ongoing support not only of me, but also their support of all the other Australian adventurers. It is not just an interesting quarterly magazine and a retail chain – The Australian Geographic Society is such an important Australian icon – a rare example of an organisation of dedicated passionate people who are prepared to often go out on a limb, supporting those who step outside the norm to pursue their dreams, sometimes in the face of severe media and public criticism when things go wrong.

Good on you Australian Geographic, and here’s to Dick Smith for having the foresight to develop such an organisation – for helping foster a strong national character with the right values and motives.

Visit the Australian Geographic website: http://www.AustralianGeographic.com.

Chris with AG flag, Victoria Island 2005

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