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New Video! Seward to Nelly's Rest, Alaska, July 2014  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [30th Oct 15]  See below for comments (10)

Just a frame from the video. Watch the video embeded below the news piece or on our Videos page - Click for full-size.

It's been a while - we've been busy - but we're very excited to have finally finished the next little video update for you guys!

VIDEO UPDATE #23 covers our journey from Seward to Nelly's Rest, Alaska, back in July 2014. This was when, brand new shrimp pot ready, we headed around into Prince William Sound for the first time (like the popular Inside Passage' but more wildlife, and less people!), went hiking, watched humpback whales bubble-net feeding, were investigated by pods of orca, anchored beside glaciers, caught some salmon, made some super tasty caviar, got some more cool aerial footage with the drone footage and most importantly of all, finally started to haul in some shrimp!

You can watch the video embedded below, or see it and all the others on our 'Video' page.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think! =)

The next video is almost ready too...

30th Oct 15 - Caroline and Peter - commented:

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30th Oct 15 - Simon - commented:

Great video guys. I do envy you both. Keep the videos coming. Cheers
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30th Oct 15 - Nigel Brockhoff - commented:

So great to ride along again on your fascinating adventures! (Wish we were related to give us the excuse to travel along for a while! -But it feels like we are with you anyway). Another excellent update or three; thanks ever so much for sharing your adventures with us.
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30th Oct 15 - Chris from Essex - commented:

That video made me feel so hungry, you guys should do a seafood cooking video, just fab! Hope you guys are having a lovely time cheers :-)
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30th Oct 15 - Meg Gordon - commented:

Love the updates. Thank you.
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30th Oct 15 - Adrian in Hobart - commented:

Always a delight watching your clips! WE need to know about these remote places. It puts everything about life on this planet into perspective. Thank you!
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31st Oct 15 - Tim Taylor - commented:

Wow! What a total delight!
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1st Nov 15 - Captain Myron - commented:

Looks like the elements are behaving themselves, I left my boat in Virginia a month ago for some business in Texas. Repairs and finances are coming along I hope to be headed towards warmer weather for a quick haul to fix boot stripe some ice had its way with it last winter I will rase it 6 inches and add 64% copper paint to the bottom. Then back into the water and headed towards the south on Turandot Yawl 35', Solo once again,,,
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1st Nov 15 - Ellen & Seth - commented:

Hey guys! Love the new video! And enjoyed catching up on your post about SE Alaska - so glad you got to visit the places we recommended!! Although sorry to hear you found it a bit full of people/boats.... It's funny how we actually had the opposite experience to you (minus the cruise ships in Ketchikan, of course!) - we found Prince William Sound to have a lot more people since it's on the road system to Anchorage, whereas we had tons of spots to ourselves in Southeast! Anyhow, both are wonderful areas to explore - looking forward to your next videos!! Cheers, E&S sailboat CELESTE
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1st Nov 15 - Cathy Kennedy - commented:

Fantastic, as usual.What wonderful experiences. How good was that salmon catch! Great documentary. x
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