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Back aboard Teleport for 2015 season + NEW VIDEO!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [10th Jun 15]  See below for comments (12)

Jess trying to pick the lesser of various evils of tinned SPAM to stock up on - Click for full-size.
A street corner in Anchorage, Alaska - Click for full-size.
Flying into Anchorage looking down into Prince William Sound where we sailed last season - Click for full-size.
Bonnie took Jess and I shopping for our supplies in Homer - Click for full-size.
Teleport survived the winter! - Click for full-size.
Chris pouring out the water collected by one of the DampRid containers - Click for full-size.
Teleport being launched - Click for full-size.
Teleport going back in the water - Click for full-size.

It was starting to get cold in Australia, so Jess and I've flown North to exchange the bitter Aussie winter for another northern summer aboard Teleport here in Alaska! The problem is, despite being summer, it's even colder here!

We slowly flew our way from Sydney to L.A to Seattle and finally to Anchorage Alaska, where we were very excited to meet with inspirational young sailing couple Seth & Ellen who are returning to their own sailboat in Dutch Harbour. We lent them some charts for their next adventure - follow them at www.gonefloatabout.com. Jess and I then flew onwards to Homer, bought supplies (thanks for taking us shopping Bonnie!) and caught the afternoon ferry across to Seldovia where we left Teleport at the end of last summer. (Thanks Byron for picking us up with all our gear & hosting us for the night!)

Teleport survived the (apparently very mid) winter with ease - our experiment of leaving hatches open (beneath our tarp covering) helped with ventilation - there was significantly less mould inside this time. We also left 4x 'DampRid' passive dehumidifiers onboard that sucked many litres of water from the air (thanks Sonny for swapping them with new ones part way through the winter!) so all in all, a very successful wintering. Phew!

Next day we crammed everything onboard, packed it away, took the tarps off, checked the engine still works (score!) and generally made Teleport homely once more. First thing this morning the guys came with the hydraulic trailer and expertly launched her on the high tide, and we motored around to the dock, and here we are - ready for another season of adventure! Amusingly, when I radioed the harbourmaster on the way in to check if there was space on the visitors dock for us, he mistook 'Teleport' for 'Heliport' and thought we were a helicopter coming in, checking if there was room to land on the dock! "Argh, (awkward silence) have you done this before?" That question threw me a little, but I assured him I had. "Ummm OK then, I guess - Just come up to the office after, so that we know you've landed."

Our plan this summer is to sail Teleport southeast down the coast of Alaska, through the wildlife-filled 'Inside Passage' of islands, down to Canada for about 2 months. We're not exactly sure where we'll end up - perhaps just Prince Rupert (virtually on the border), or onwards to Vancouver Island maybe. We're kinda making it up as we go along - it depends how much progress we make and how many things we find to photograph and explore as we go. The end goal however is to leave Teleport somewhere more populous to (heartbreakingly) selling her. After this final Teleport voyage this summer, we'll focus on our rapidly growing photo safari business (www.ChrisBray.net) for the next few years and then hopefully find a slightly larger (36-ish feet), stronger (aluminium) sailboat to return to the arctic, perhaps even with kids down the track! So, if you'd like to start your own adventures aboard our well-proven, expedition-ready sailboat, be sure to email us with an offer. There's certainly not many cruising boats so small, yet so capable and so kitted out! =)

But first, we have another whole summer of fun left, so stay tuned! The weather looks good to leave perhaps tomorrow, and we'll head first for Cordova on the east end of Prince William Sound.

Jess has also just finished editing the next VIDEO UPDATE in our series, which you can watch embedded below, or on the VIDEO page of this site. It's episode # 22, covering from when we left Seldovia last June (2014), to Seward, past a bunch of amazing glaciers, waterfalls etc. (Last year you'll remember we spent the season exploring Prince William Sound, returning again to Seldovia). Sorry we're a bit behind with these videos (1 year out of sync), but we're trying to catch up now.

10th Jun 15 - Liz Baseley - commented:

Glad you back into your adventures without any nasty surprises this year. Where do you keep your helicopter when you are sailing? lol xxx Aunty Liz
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10th Jun 15 - Peter Estment - commented:

Hi guys, albeit a year late, still a cool video. Travel safe and I look forward to the next instalment. From a cold and windy Gold Coast
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10th Jun 15 - Chris Horton - commented:

Brilliant video guys, looking forward to my continuing armchair travels with this years highlights.
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10th Jun 15 - Dalbz - commented:

You should have landed your drone on he dock too, since you had permission ! Ha-ha! When trying to convince the that you arrived in it, you could always use doctor Who's line - " It's bigger on the inside"
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11th Jun 15 - Bruce Ellen - commented:

Hi Glad to hear you are still enjoying the travels but a bit long between reports Keep them coming. Cheers from sunny Queensland
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11th Jun 15 - nigel brockhoff - commented:

Great to see you are back on deck, and looking forward to your next installments. The Queen Charlottes have long been on my wish lists; we spent a year in northern BC but never made it to the coast. Family travels sounds exciting! :)
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11th Jun 15 - Derek Jackson - commented:

Hi Again! Absolutely beautiful videos of the areas you've been able to visit! It terrific to see you're continuing on and working your way to B.C.. I'll keep following your progress and if you ever get close to Victoria I'll send you contact information on my brother and sisters there. Take care and Jess, know that my heart goes out to you on the sea sickness suffering you've endured. Stay well a belated CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding!!Derek Jackson
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11th Jun 15 - Bruce Ellen - commented:

Hi I missed that Tess suffered from seasickness and I have read that it is not pleasant. I have done a lot of research on the subject and the following may be a help. I found that I have never been seasick after eating bananas but I have since found out that is bad luck. I looked further and was told that pirates have a patch over one eye to stop them from being seasick. Further research from the son [ who had a masters degree of someology ] of the captain of a boat that I was on lately that said that the best thing is to take a bath. As you do not have a bath on the boat does that you just tow the cook behind the boat until she feels better. Please let me know if this helps Cheers from sunny Queensland
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11th Jun 15 - Keith de Jong - commented:

Hi, you two, When you get to Prince Rupert, you are back on Earth. From there on you'll meet more traffic . Watch out for floating logs going through the "Inside Passage". Good sailing . Enjoy, Enjoy.
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11th Jun 15 - Maxine Rice - commented:

Love watching these videos... it's like having a holiday at your desk!
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14th Jun 15 - Norman Diefenbach - commented:

So glad to get more videos, I thought you were going to sell Teleport last thing I heard?
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18th Jun 15 - Cathy Kennedy - commented:

Just caught up with this video. Another wonderful insight to your fantastic adventures.xx
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