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Gallery: Arctic preps before departure to Alaska 2012

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Jess gives Teleport the thumbs up for surviving the winter
Chafe marks on the hull from ropes
Walking towards Teleport for the first time - hope she survived the winter
Arctic fox video screen capture from GoPro video
Arctic fox pup playing with the GoPro camera
Peregrine Falcon nest from GoPro video camera
Moon and reflection over the bay
Chris holding up the new engine head to install
Snow bunting nest
Chris ice fishing
Jess climbing aboard Teleport for the first time since winter
Arctic fox curiously coming right up to chris
Chris ice swimming in a seal hole
Frozen Arctic ocean as we flew in
Jess about to try and climb onto the sea ice in her drysuit
Farewell party with the amazing Teleport cake! Thanks so much everyone!
Athlene with the amazing Teleport cake - thanks!!! Check out the detail!
Re launching Teleport!
Putting the new head on the engine
Just a couple of mosquitoes!
Jess practicing climbing back onboard having deliberately fallen overboard in a dry suit
Luc and us looking at the charts before we go
Peregrine Falcon chick
The spot where I asked Jess the question! Mount Pelly

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