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Gallery: Northwest Passage Part 1 - Halifax to Victoria Island - 2011

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Jess pretending that she feels wonderful
Just before we leave
Goodbye! Our friends push us off on the adventure of a lifetime!
Plotting our position enroute - hours after turning 28! Happy Bday To Me!
Jess setting up for my Birthday!
Happy 28th Birthday to me! Fireworks and coffee!
Jess signing visitors book at the lock - not often we get Australians here!
Teleport waiting as the lock opens
Chris steering us through St Peters Canal out of the lock.
Our current position on our tracker! How cool is that!
Sailing under Sydney Harbour I mean Seal Island Island Bridge!
Sailing under the Sydney Harbour .... oh wait ...Seal Island bridge
Our first ICEBERG!
Up Teleport\'s Mast
Bob from yacht Easy Go, lighting his kero nav lights! Amazing!
Damaged GPS antenna mount - fixed it up ASAP stronger than ever
Sailing through a bit of weather
Our VesperMarine AIS WatchMate system - showing local ships etc
Bald Eagle!
Atlantic Puffin!
Little Port - a lovely spot
At the lighthouse marking entry to Little Port - foggy but lovely walk!
Sailing along
Typical fiords of the west coast of Newfoundland are amazing!
Chris sporting our new insulated survival suits
Crazy wave shaped clouds! Any ideas anyone?
Typical foggy NFLD coastline
Filling up from a tanker truck no less!
The weather window - no serious winds for a few days anyway
Jess sails Teleport past a berg while I bob around in the blow-up dingy to take this pic
Latest iceberg chart before our departure. Number of bergs per degree square, green is our intended route
Jess sailing past an iceberg on the way out of St Anthony
Happy sailing... through the fog. Where are those bergs?
What the waves were like before we retired inside to hide it out for a few days
The waves kept growing
What Kap Desolation looked like - jammed with icebergs and bergy bits out to 20 miles!
Good to know that even ‘Aurora\' - a huge 271m luxury, ice-class cruise ship over thirty times longer than Teleport found the weather impressive
Chris talking on the VHF radio to the Aurora cruise ship
I cooked Jess the pancakes anyway that I\'d promised us both I\'d make for breaky had we stopped at Kap Desolation. They lasted about 30min in her tummy =(
Sunrise of the coast of Greenland
Chris licking a small growler - fresh water, pure, from a glacier, probably many thousands of years old
Wait for this bit of underwater GoPro footage in the next video update!
Start damn you engine! Start!
Jess sails Teleport past a bergy bits while I bob around in the blow-up dingy to take this pic
Sailing up the south west coast of Greenland
Arty pic of sailing past a berg
Sailing into Nuuk at last, through the fog. -2.5 deg C with windchill
All the multicoloured houses of Nuuk!
Nuuk harbour - spot Teleport tied up to the fishing boats
Our home becomes a workshop, again
Taking the head off the engine
The metal glue repair - fingers crossed
Trying to get the cabin warm enough 15deg for the epoxy glue to set
Nuuk - surrounded by such amazing scenery
Other repairs up the mast
Lifting Teleport out to check the prop - dont slip!
Taking the prop apart
Dolphin head, anyone?
Les helping me get the engine off its mounts
Wow there\'s a lot of parts to go wrong in this clutch and pitch box
Come out! Damn you!
Got it! Happy Chris! Now cleaning it up!
Celebrating with a dinner party onboard Teleport - Les and Ali!
Sailing past an iceberg in Nuuk harbour on our way back from refueling
Jess, smiling as always.
Lowering 70 L of water down a 10m ladder.
Bam - underwater damage to their yacht after striking uncharted rock
What a beautiful anchorage - See Teleport down in the fiord, anchor and a rope ashore
Greenland sled dog pups
Sailing into Ilulissat past bergs
Buying a halibut fish on the way in to Ilulissat
Nice spot for a kiss...
Greenland Sled Dog
Celebrating ariving in the arctic - thanks for the champas Jeff
Nice berg
Chris zipping around the ice in our awesome dingy
Jess poking off the ice as we weave our way around
Jess fending off ice at the anchorage
Sailing along in the arctic
The arch shot
Moon landscape
La Louise makes Teleport look like a toy!
Jesss seafood paella yum!
Chris in the dingy getting ready to take the arch photo
Triangles are icebergs, the green patches are packice
Sailing along
Its coming right for us
bolt fused back together with molten silver
Iceberg at Midnight
Chris hoisting Canadian and Q flag removing Greenland flag
Sailing into the Northwest Passage
The Northwest Passages on GPS Chartplotter
Glacier licks down from the clouds
Sailing into The Northwest Passages at 7 knots
Chris holding up a giant Arctic Char for dinner
Jess bringing ashore jerry cans to fill with diesel
Filling our Turtle-Pac flexible fuel tank in the dingy from tanker truck
Solar halo
Giant fin of a male Killer Whale / Orca
Killer Whale / Orca right next to us
It\'s coming right for us! Orca / Killer Whale
Jess testing the shotgun
Amazing landscapes
Glacier spilling out from between the mountains
GoPro camera on an egg timer for time-lapse pan
Beautiful anchorage
Filling up water from glacier river
Such a beautiful place - water almost looks tropical hey!
Cool erosion patterns in the cliffs as we sail past
Polar Bear!
Whale bones everywhere
Chris on a mission to place a GoPro camera on a Polar Bear kill
The only cool pic I got before the camera ran out of battery then got mauled by the polar bear
GoPro cameras - waterproof, shockproof, but clearly not polar bear proof.
Not very reassuring - Magnetic Compass Useless
Chris planning new route through the Northwest Passage
Hudson Bay Trading Post hut - boarded up against bears
Inside the Hudson Bay Trading post at Fort Ross
Cute fluffy white polar bear
Polar Bear
Chris climbing the batons to see potential rocks ahead
Tent rings - Inuit used to use these rocks to weigh down the edges of skin tents
Chris and Teleport
Curious Ringed Seal
Curious Ringed Seal looking at GoPro camera
Teleport safe shore in the cradle for the winter
Arctic Fox
Frost on the sail covers
Cambridge Bay shimmers out of the mirage
Doug and his awesome Loon cushions
Snowing already at the wharf in Cambridge Bay
Starting to build our yacht cradle for Teleport
Now thats a real man\'s drill - building yacht cradle
Party onboard Teleport - the two french sailors, Gildas (left) and Luc (right)
Our cradle almost finished
Chris and Brent sailing in his new little sailboat
View from the top of mount Pelly - part of time-lapse sequence
Arctic Hare
Brent\'s daughter Crystal doing firedance at Brent\'s cabin
Last bit of the cradle finished - the ajustable pads
Dragging the cradle over to the lift site - thanks Cory - cool truck!
And ready to lift!
Woah! Back foot of crane lifting up! Abort!
Up she comes!
Chris guides Teleport around into our cradle
Our overall route map so far!
Our Aussie flag has seen its fair share of wind hey!
Chris and Jess - check out the beard!
Article in the Vancouver Sun and other newspapers!
Teleport being dragged a little higher up the hill
Cool photo of Teleport wrapped in her cradle on the outskirts of Cambridge Bay, photo taken from a plane by our mate Corey Dimitruk! Thanks!
Teleport hunkered down mid-winter, thanks to Colin who dog sledded out to check on her in -50 deg winter night!
Teleport hunkered down mid-winter, thanks to Colin who dog sledded out to check on her in -50 deg winter night!
Teleport waits patiently for our return.
Teleport waits patiently for our return.
Teleport for sale
Teleport for sale

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