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Gallery: Rebuild & Ocean Trials - 2010

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Chris and Terry setting up a frame for the tarp cover
First looks inside our yacht Teleport
Chris cleaning out muck from the lockers
Water pours out from the hole drilled into the keel
Chris trying to untangle and understand the wiring inside the heads
Cleaning out the bilge - nasty smelly dirty work!
Jess setting up the first tarp for the cover
Teleport all covered over in our tarp system. Note the kitchen underneath!
Our tarp system to keep Teleport dry while we work on her for next few weeks
Our tarp system to keep Teleport dry while we work on her for next few weeks
Grinding the deck at night - head torches and sunnies - a good look
Chris trying to work out the electrical wiring
The worst section of rot - all the way through into the forward cabin
Jess putting in the new deck bits of wood, pre cut for us by Jim!
Jess grinding the paint off the deck at night ready to fibre glass
Terry pumping air into our wet keel with vacuum cleaner
Chris cutting out the bad/wet/rotten wood from the cockpit
Dr Jim drawing a template for the shape of wood needed to replace the rotten area
Chris laying in the jigsaw puzzle piece of wood to replace the rotten section
Terry giving us a pep talk - it\'ll be ok guys!
Dusty Chris
Fibre Glassing the roof!
Our kero lanterns make it quite lovely down below
Terry cutting the cockpit side-wall off to make it easier to extract bad wood and lay fibre glass
Jess in front of Teleport - note the aussie flags =)
Messy Stuff - Jess squeezing some adhesive onto some insulating foam to stick on the roof
Putting in the jigsaw puzzle of new bits of wood in the cockpit to replace the rotten bits
Making new lazerette hatches in Terry\'s workshop
Terry showing Jess how to round edges of wood on a router
Propping up strips of glued wood to dry so that we can then screw our ceiling to them rather than into the deck itself
Doug the diesel expert examining our prehistoric specimen
Jess painting the new saloon table, and galley cupboards etc
Carefully laying masking tape to give the deck painting a nice sharp edge - peel it off after the paints dry
Us in our lovely new Icebreaker garments - dinner at Jim the doctor\'s yacht
Jess painting the new cockpit - looking good!
Check out the new electrical panel! Cool hey!
Opening our own chandelry shop - all our deck fittings we took off, some with bits of rotten hull attached. yikes.
Chiselling out all the dodgy fibreglass in the bilge at 2 AM
Blood sweat and holding back the tears =P damn fibre glass
Holding up a backing plate to bolt the jackline fitting to - one thing we wouldn\'t want to pull out of the deck!
Putting in speakers for our sound system!
Measuring up my Canon EOS 1D mk IV for our custom-made camera draw!
And we\'ll make a bed fold down from here to make one big double bed - Terry you\'re amazing
Yikes - revealing the damp wood behind the delaminated bulge in the keel - dry it out then we\'ll fix it
Insulating what used to be a mess of wires and switches and what will soon be a big ice box!
Terry gluing and screwing and clamping the galley and saloon cupboards in for us!
Now, which one goes where? Putting back on all the bow fittings
Lifting up the Pushpit onto the bow
What a mess. First bit of insulation up on the roof. One or two sheets a night
So bright and white! What a difference a lick (or 4) of paint does!
Jess cutting my hair with her Leatherman scissors
oil, grease and diesel up to my elbows fixing the motor
Putting in the 2 inches of insulation around where we\'re building the icebox
Jess putting up the last few bits of insulation in the cabin
Bill the fibreglass expert mixing up some putty to prep the bilge corners for easy glassing
Jess doing university work on the laptop beside Teleport
Fingers Crossed - will the engine start?
Taking apart the hand-crank tower down into the gearbox to get the water out
Terry and Chris trying to salvage the engine
It woks! The engine works! One happy little Vegemite!
The engine - 1976 Sabb Diesel, single cylinder, 8 hp.
Happy little vegemites beside our floating home
Working on the keel late at night
Bill the fiberglass expert packing some Polybond putty into the keel wound
The waves out at sea still messy after the hurricane blew through
Huge tree blown down into a house during hurricane
Riding out the hurricane inside Teleport watching bits of the word blow by
Dashing outside to tape the mast sealed etc as hurricane sets in
Testing out the wet weather gear during a hurricane. Note angle of mast in background blown by wind
Let there be light! Our cabin lighting wired up at last
Filling in a wall and sanding back putty ready for book shelf
Assembling our bookshelf!
Bill and his mate Chris finishing up on the keel, putting old piece back on
Checking and measuring the anchor chain etc, installing length markers etc
Drilling yet another gaping hole in the deck, this time for a toilet holding tank port.
Installing the lovely white ceiling - starting to ook clean down below!
And she wonders why she gets paint in her hair?
Putting capping strips of wood to cover the joins in the ceiling
Terry the master woodworker making temporary supports so we can inspect the hull under the od supports
Jim, Jim and Chris deciphering what ropes go where on a junk rig yacht
Antifouling the hull to stop weeds growing on it - nasty paint!
Terry and Jess working on a floor for the forepeak area
Check out our bookshelf!
Taking apart our variable pitch propeller
Jim from Lifeline Marine Services going aloft to check out the mast and re-do the ropes
Giant tractor turns up to tow Teleport to launching ramp
Teleport being towed past the old jailhouse
About to launch - Jim Creighton the original builder and us, the re-builders just before launch
Chris standing on deck as Teleport is lowered into the water at last!
Pulling the old stuff out of the stuffing box so i can stuff some new stuff in
Drawing up wiring diagrams for Teleport - something that was never done the first time
Teleport with sails raised at last - pity theres no wind
Putting ice in our amazing icebox
Changing the V belts on the engine
Flaking fibreglass on the mast - needs fixing
Jess sanding the fibreglass repair on the mast
Left over party food! Thanks Jeff!
Jess working on the mast at night
Hoisting the sail for the very first time - please let them be in good condition!
Steering Teleport out of the yacht club on her maiden voyage - motoring
Making a swing-out panel of nav displays like the gps chartplotter, depthsounder etc
Another angle of the beautiful Teleport with sail hoisted
Maiden Voyage - Jess, Terry and Chris - very happy little vegemites indeed
Jess looking back to our flotilla (well, one escort yacht, thanks Fred!) as she struggles to keep up with the might of our 8 hp single cylinder diesel
Jess pretending she knows what the buttons on the Chartplotter do. Neither of us have had time to read any manuals yet. Nice swing out panel though yes?
Jim and Chris - maiden sail - loving it.
Teleport forges new paths into the unknown of deepest darkest Northwest Arm, Halifax
Woo hoo! Sailing at last. What a moment
Cruising along at a record-smashing 6.7kn. What a yacht!
Looking up at the reefed sail - 25kn of wind
White hair from the stress of all-day painting, Jess tries to stay awake in bed learning the rules of yachting
Just the two of us in our own little paradise
Making dinner at home
Making Bannana cake in a pressure cooker, YUM!
Chris servicing the heads - and hating it
Leaving the safe haven of Halifax Harbour
Jess at the helm
Chebucto Head Lighthouse
Chris doing the Navigational  work
Feeling very proud
Chris being Chris
We didn\'t bring out hiking boots all the way to Canada for nothing
The rock we just had to climb
Fresh bread straight from the pressure cooker!
Surrounded by an ominous thick fog
Ships we could barely see heading directly in our path
The Bentley\'s presenting us with \'The Bentley bag\' and some fresh blue berry muffins!
The damage on the mast
Like a postcard at Rogues Roost
Sunset at backman\'s beach
Watching the sun dip below the horizon
Sailing by the light of the moon
Jess Naving
Chris and Jess below decks in the finished Teleport

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