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Gallery: Teleport 2015 Journey - Alaska to Canada

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Jess trying to pick the lesser of various evils of tinned SPAM to stock up on
A street corner in Anchorage, Alaska
Flying into Anchorage looking down into Prince William Sound where we sailed last season
Bonnie took Jess and I shopping for our supplies in Homer
Teleport survived the winter!
Chris pouring out the water collected by one of the DampRid containers
Teleport being launched
Teleport going back in the water
Our first dawn at sea for 2015
dolphins at sunrise
salt crystals wedging open our bilge pump valve
Baby deer that came up to us
Baby deer that came up to us
climbing the mountain
Chris climbing on of the snowy ridges up the mountain
at the summit!
cool reflection in Jess\'s Dirty Dog Sunnies
Anyone know what kind of whale this is? Fin Whale? Sei Whale?
dusk at amazing anchorge
Cool rock formations out at sea
No wonder the anchor was harder than normal to haul up!
Big rockfish that lasted us 12 meals - thanks fish!
Sea lion striking a pose on The Needle
Sea Otter mum and baby
Harbour Seal
Bald Eagle
Humpback whale breeching
waterfalls along the coastline
baby deer that came up to us
Humpback whales around us at anchor
Jess the gorgeous adventure sailor!
Chris on his birthday passing Cape Saint Elias
Teleport in Cordova
Sea lions on channel marker
Slow motion video of Dalls porpoise playing at our bow
Chris filming dalls porpoises wusing gopro on a stick
Underwater Dalls porpoise from GoPro
Chris\'s 32nd birthday
Cape Saint Elias lighthouse
Teleport anchored off Cape Saint Elias
Beach combing along Kayak Island
Chris calling home for his Birthday from atop Cape Saint Elias lighthouse
Amazing rocks fallen from the mountain
Bizare rock structures
Scooter ducks
Harbour Seal
Sea Otter
Teleport in Icy Bay
Three moose watching as we exit Icy Bay
Chris and Jess bodyboarding in Alaska
Chris bodyboarding in Alaska
Drone photo of the head of the glacier in Lituya Bay
Jess admiring the scenery at the glacier at Lituya Bay
Jess walking the dingy higher up from the tide
Us enjoying life
Black bear catching salmon in Anan Bay
Blueberries and Salmonberries
Jess sailing Teleport in some good wind
Chris holding up a hallibut
big clams for dinner
Wonderful forest to hike through
Baranof Warm Springs
The one that got away
Sailing up to a waterfall
Loads of Humpback Whales
Black Bear
Chris steering in the rain
Stellers Jay
Rowing around a random lake
A Porcupine!
Jess sailing Teleport beside cruise ship
Wet bald eagle
Sailing past some more cruise ships
Chris trying to work out currents and timings
Putting up the Canadian and Q flag
Seldovia to Cordova

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