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Gallery: Teleport 2014 Journey - Alaska

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Teleport in front of Aialik Glacier, Alaska
Orca on the ferry trip to Seldovia!
Teleport being launched
Out for a day sail with friends
mid-tide, Seldovia, Alaska
Happy 31st Birthday Chris! 14ppl onboard Teleport!
Cool formations around every corner
Rhinoceros Auklet
Seals on ice
Teleport in front of Northwest Glacier
Amazing ice colours and formations
Hiking towards Sunlight Glacier
Teleport in front of waterfall
Drone view of Teleport in front of Aialik Glacier
What an amazing place to experience via sailboat
Chris waiting for ice to calve off Aialik Glacier
Ice falls from the face of Aialik Glacier
Rowing ashore for a campfire on the beach, what a spot!
Humpback Whale Breaching at Sunset
Horned Puffin
Teleport beside calving glacier
Humpback whales bubble net feeding
Big Prawn/shrimp
Seal on ice
Bald Eagle flying through the trees
Kittiwake nesting cliff
Teleport anchored in the most amazing anchorage in the world!
Seagull pooping onto a Bald Eagle
Bubble net feeding humpback whales - note the herring
Surge wave erupting as ice falls from glacier
Us in front of Chenega Glacier, GoPro timelapse in background
So many seals on the ice!
Chris with first shrimp trap haul - happy with that!
Pigeon Guillimot takes flight
Chris with his Halibut
Enjoying the view from the top
Dick and Pip Smith and friends coming to visit!
Dick and Pip Smith, and Jess and I sailing onboard Teleport

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