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Gallery: Original Photos - Previous Owner - Marco Polo III

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Teleport previously as Marco Polo III
The prop - variable pitch.
Jim Creighton at the helm, sailing Marco Polo III
Lines plans - She\'s a North Atlantic 29
Marco Polo III (Teleport) sailing beside Bluenose
Marco Polo III (Teleport) tied up alongside a wharf
Marco Polo III (Teleport) cruising along nicely
Building Marco Polo III (Teleport) - layers of cedar
Very beautiful wooden hull before being painted
Lines plans - She\'s a North Atlantic 29
Marco Polo III (Teleport) sitting on her mooring
Jim Creighton building Marco Polo III (Teleport)
Inside - Aft Saloon
Inside - Port forward saloon
Inside - Port Aft Saloon and Galley
Inside - Starboard Forward Saloon
Marco Polo III (Teleport) merrily sailing along towards camera
Marco Polo III (Teleport) sailing away
Marco Polo III (Teleport) sailing along using ghoster sail in light winds
The junk rig sail really is quite a large area!
Our path on the Chart plotter - going no where in the right direction fast

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