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Sponsor: EPIRBhire

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On any journey, no matter how epic or trivial, safety is the number 1 concern. When all else fails, having a reliable way to communicate with the outside world to summon help may easily be the difference between life and death.

EPRIBHire.com.au has been amazingly supporting for many of Chrisís various journeys right from the start, providing him with the free loans of the worlds latest EPIRBs. On both his 2005 and 2008 arctic expedition, Chris and his mate Clark took two Ė and wore one each almost all the time. Itís the one thing you really donít want to be caught without.

For those of you who donít know what an EPIRB is, itís a small electronic device Ė small enough to wear on a belt or lifejacket - that when activated in a life threatening situation assists rescue authorities in their search to locate those in distress. They have saved many, many lives and continue to do so, itís now Australian law to carry an EPIRB on any vessel further than 2km out from the shore. The EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) that we carry have an inbuilt GPS that sends our exact position back to authorities when triggered, and with pre-registered details of our yacht linked to the EPIRBs unique serial #, these devices are the most reliable way to summon help in the wilderness or at sea.

EPIRBhire.com.au hire out more than just EPIRBS, they can help you out with Satellite phones, radios (Weíll be taking a pair of waterproof marine VHF handheld radios from them), USB internet, GPSís and much more. So next time you go out for an extended kayak, hike or even a road trip into remote areas of Australia contact them before you go for the best deals on emergency and safety equipment.

So a huge thank you to Caroline and Peter Davidson at www.EPIRBHire.com.au, for their continued, friendly support, providing us with these critical pieces of kit for our sailing voyage too, along with a pair of waterproof VHF handheld radios too.

Visit the EPIRBhire website: http://www.epirbhire.com.au.

One of the things I never want to be without - an EPIRB

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