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Sponsor: LED Lenser

When you're off hiking, kayaking, caving, hauling sleds across the arctic, sailing - whatever - torches are one of those little things that can be overlooked as 'just a torch' - until you either forget to bring one, or have one fail on you, and your whole world goes dark.

LED Lenser have been at the cutting edge of LED technology for decades, and these days the torches and head-torches they make are nothing short of breathtaking. One single white LED in the current P7 torch, running from a couple of lightweight AAA batteries, launches such a blinding (167 Lumens), focusable beam of light out of your hand that it literally can illuminate a headland almost a kilometer away. Better still, their M14 torch unleashes a terrifying 225 Lumens and is microprocessor controlled, letting you switch between 'Easy', 'Professional' and 'Tactical Defense Mode' that lets you do things like automatically have it flash-out SOS in Morse code, or go into strobe mode etc. They are built like tanks, many can be submerged to 1m (others, like their diving variety go waaaay deeper!) Their head torches are no less amazing - like car headlights, but dimmable, rechargeable and focusable...

So stand-out and noticeable are these torches and head torches that almost every time I use mine, someone will comment on it, and after finding out about them, scramble to buy their own. Take a look at their website - such amazing stuff.

LED Lenser have been supporting me on my various journeys through Zen Imports for a while now, and since then, I have never looked at a torch in the same light again, and no longer joke about pointing torches at people's eyes anymore! David & Michael - thanks very much for your ongoing support!

Visit the LED Lenser website: http://www.ledlenser.com.au.

The LED Lenser P7 illuminating a headland about 800m away

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