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Sponsor: Purity Stainless

Teleport had been desperately needing a stainless steel arch/frame over the back of the cockpit to mount various critical pieces of gear on, such as our radar, solar panel, GPS, AIS antennas and our ‘Air Breeze’ wind turbine.

Derek from Purity Stainless was just the man for the job. It’d be impossible to find a friendlier, more lovable character than Derek – constantly telling us stories and jokes while patiently checking, fitting, drilling, welding together this super-strong arch over the last four weeks – fitting us in between his hectic other jobs even at night and on weekends.

Purity Stainless has been supplying high quality stainless steel products and services to the dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and other related industries since 1985.

Specializing in sanitary stainless steel systems, they have a proven track record in manufacturing and installing quality products.

Whether it is a plant being built, major upgrades or minor alterations and maintenance they have the experience and skill to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

We were amazed and inspired by Derek’s positive and can-do attitude and especially his philosophy that there are no “problems”, only “opportunities to make good decisions.” Good on you Derek!

Visit the Purity Stainless website: http://www.puritystainless.ca/.

Derek attaching out Stainless steel arch to Teleport

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