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Behind Teleport’s charming old-skewl looks fizzles so many high-tech gadgets that we need a lot of electricity to keep all systems go! A GPS chartplotter, AIS enabled VHF radio, Radar, lights, countless cameras and video cameras, satellite phones, and of course our laptops to keep this site up to date – all these power hungry little beasties need feeding, and when you’re in the middle of nowhere, this can be a real problem. The answer however, is blowing in the wind!

On board Teleport, we can generate electricity via the alternator connected to our main diesel engine (rather noisy, drinks precious fuel, and saps precious horsepower energy), from our solar panel (but even on sunny days the sun doesn’t have a lot of grunt in it at these latitudes), but mostly we’re recharging our batteries from the wind, using a very fancy and all-new ‘Air Breeze’ from Primus Windpower! It’s quieter, more efficient, and it’s precision engineering delivers more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. The Air Breeze is the latest generation with more than 100,000 sold in 120 countries — the world’s most popular small wind generator!

Visit the Primus Windpower website: http://primuswindpower.com/.

Southwest Windpower's Air Breeze Marine

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