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Chris & Jess\'s Crazy Wedding Adventure - Click for full-size.
Jess\'s parents Max & Judith walking her down the isle - Click for full-size.
\'You may now kiss the bride\' - Click for full-size.
A photo shoot in the forest! - Click for full-size.
Chris & Jess arriving to their wedding reception on \'Starship\' - Click for full-size.
Getting ready to pass the line! - Click for full-size.
The summit of cradle mountain - Click for full-size.
On Safari in Kenya - Click for full-size.
The newly released DVD

We finally tied the knot!!

When our flights home from Alaska were cancelled three days in a row due to fog, we were beginning to worry we might be late for our own wedding! However, eventually we made it home to Australia with just 5 days to spare before heading off on our adventure wedding!

Our wedding was held at a secret destination - not even the people coming knew where they were going! We just told 20 of our closest friends and family to pack four days of warm clothes and meet us at Sydney airport. We flew them down to Tasmania, swapped into four 4WDs, drove to Cradle Mountain, hiked for four hours up through the snow, wind, fog & rain and got married on a mountain! It was absolutely amazing, and the best day of our lives! We then had a reception party the following weekend at the local sailing club, where we arrived on the bow of Starship, the sailboat that he grew up on sailing around the world! Check out the videoclip we've put together of our crazy wedding - warning, you may need tissues, and a warm jacket. More than 4,000 people have already watched it, and we even got interviewed on national TV about it! Good times. Enjoy the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DORg0W7qVU&feature=youtu.be

Soon after our wedding, we went honeymooning in Lord Howe Island - a breathtaking little island off the east coast of Australia (we've never been on a 'holiday' before, we quite enjoyed it, though I have to admit we spent most of every day hiking, snorkelling, cycling etc - not much relaxing!). We then ran a two week photography safari to Kenya helping everyone get great photos of the Migration (we even had a cheetah jump on top of our vehicle!) and now we're just about to set off again and run two photography safaris back to back on Kangaroo Island, off South Australia. Please excuse the shameless self-promotion (we have to fund our adventures some how!), if you want any info about our photography safaris visit our awesome website that Chris has just finished updating here: www.ChrisBray.net

We also have some very exciting news: The award-winning, feature-length documentary "The Crossing" has been released on DVD! It follow's Chris and his mate Clarks journey as they set out on an adventure of a lifetime, attempting to drag their homemade kayaks more than one thousand kilometres across Victoria Island in the arctic (where we wintered Teleport back in 2011.) Watch as they battle freezing conditions, knee-deep mud, razor sharp rocks, get chased by wolves and dodge polar bears! It's the film version of Chris's book, "The 1000 Hour Day", and the film even made it into mainstream cinemas around Australia! To purchase your copy of the DVD online please visit our website: http://www.chrisbray.net/shop.php#The_Crossing_DVD (It even has special features, including a piece on our Arctic sailing adventures!)

After months of contemplation about what to do with Teleport next year (and thank you everyone for your suggestions & words of wisdom) we have made the very hard decision to put her up for sale! It's not an easy decision to make, we really have been 'living the dream' for the past 5 years being able to take months off work each year and sail her that little bit closer back to home. However, we dream of other adventures too, like kayaking around remote islands, cycling across counties or hiking through jungles, but every year all our spare time gets devoted to our little teleport (which we love dearly) but it's just time for us to move on and do other adventures as well as focus on our growing business for a bit! Down the track, we intend to find a slightly bigger junk-rigged sailboat to get (big enough for a family, perhaps? Maybe even ice strengthened and purpose built for high latitudes?), in which we can sail around the world or whatever our next sailing adventure will be. Right now though, we don't have a huge interest in doing the standard 'coconut run' home across the pacific, nor passing under Cape Horn or going through the Panama canal. Sadly our original plan of going home via Russia isn't really viable following recent political developments as well having talked to several other sailors, even direct to Japan and down no longer sounds appealing. So we've kind of run out of amazing places to sail her for the time being, and as we well know, you can't just leave a boat in storage for a couple of years and expect to come back and find her the way you left her, so, we've made the heart-breaking decision to sell her. *sob*

If any of you might perhaps be interested in purchasing her (or if you know someone who might be), please contact us! Enough reading about other people's sailing adventures - why not head out on your own! As you know, Teleport's already kitted-out for ocean cruising & passage-making (I don't need to tell you about her proven track record!) and we can supply a very, very long list of all her top-of-the-range safety and electronic gear (including AIS, radar, Spinlock lifejackets, EPIRB, VHF, etc along with all the other expensive equipment we'll sell with her. We've a good idea about how much money we've put into her, and an approximate idea about how much we want for her, but at this stage we're just throwing it open to offers. Remember she is also very conveniently sitting in a beautiful part of the world (S Alaska) ready & waiting to go cruising down the inside passage down to Canada, USA and onwards. If we don't sell her by mid next year, we'll return to her and sail her onwards down through the inside passage ourself, to Canada, and then hope to sell her there.

Conversely, if anyone knows or hears of a 36-38ft Aluminium Junk Rig that's for sale, or intending to sell in a few years time please let us know :)

That's it from us for now!


Jess & Chris (AKA Mr. & Mrs. Bray!)

13th Oct 14 - Ted Sherrin - commented:

Congratulations guys.
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13th Oct 14 - Alan Garde - commented:

Congratulations Jess and Chris, I'm impressed with the style and adventure you managed to combine into the celebration !
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14th Oct 14 - David Tyler - commented:

congratulations on getting spliced, and for doing the deed in such an imaginative and adventurous way (of course, I'd expected nothing less:-) I've mentioned Teleport in the swap sell or buy forum of the JRA website, as many prospective buyers will see it there. Yes, S Alaska would be a good place to buy her - the best cruising on the planet, in a very fine vessel - what's not to like?
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14th Oct 14 - Ted Sherrin - commented:

hey, what was the mountain you got married on. I know the area well but can't pick it from those photos.
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14th Oct 14 - Ted Sherrin - commented:

ok, I got the video to work so ignore my last. Big congratulations. Great idea though that little hut is a little cramped for a wedding night. Great video. On a clear day there are fantastic views up there.
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14th Oct 14 - Ray Swann - commented:

Well congratulations to you both. I watched the wedding video with much interest. You know how to make events entertaining. I must say that your guests appear to be a hardy lot. Looked pretty cold on that mountain. I hope that whatever you do next that you maintain something like this Teleport blog. It is a pleasure to try to keep up with you two and I must admit to confusion sometimes about where you are in the world. You must have a massive amount of frequent flyer points. Cheers for now Ray
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14th Oct 14 - Nigel Brockhoff. - commented:

Thanks for the updates. Yes, it is high time you two had some holidays. :) Best wishes for the sale of Teleport, and for the purchase of a family size vessel, and for the reason for purchase!
(Offensive Comment?)

14th Oct 14 - Ray Swann - commented:

Forgot to mention. My son is in the web business. Designs and builds them for local and national companies. I was impressed with yours and sent him the URL. He also is impressed which is saying something - well done Cheers Ray
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14th Oct 14 - Brad Gordon - commented:

Hi Chris & Jess, Wow, what an amazing wedding, congratulations! You truly are two amazing people, thanks always for the crazy adventures. The narrative, the photographs & the places that you take us. Again congratulations! Love Brad.
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14th Oct 14 - Anonymous - commented:

Congratulations on the wedding. Well done and I am sure you have tested the relationship sufficiently. Happy days ahead.
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14th Oct 14 - Fergus Owens - commented:

Congrats from Ireland on tying the knot after a long and adventurous apprenticeship. Well done!!
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14th Oct 14 - David Gorton - commented:

Life is full of difficult decisions ... whatever you face in the future, please consider "pushing the envelope" at every opportunity ... I have had some very tough moments over 20-25 years of running a small business, but everytime I "step outside the square" I am rewarded by an experience that cannot be replaced ... my advice is to just keep doing what you are doing ... there will be bumps in the road, but you will squeeze the juice out of every minute of your life ... Kind Regards, Dave
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14th Oct 14 - Alan K - commented:

Congratulations! I've had fun following your adventures for the past few years. Good luck on all your future endeavours.
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14th Oct 14 - Asmat Khan - commented:

Congratulations! Both on your remarkable voyage and getting married. Teleport has long been a fantasy object of mine - ticks all the boxes on what makes a perfect cruising boat. I'm in England, so fear I may not fly across to Alaska immediately, unless she is offered at a very attractive price. What had you in mind?
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14th Oct 14 - Anonymous - commented:

Congratulations!!! All the best wishes to you both from Roland & Jesse too! Mx
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14th Oct 14 - Annie Hill - commented:

Go to the Junk Rig Association website, look at the Buy, Sell, Swop Forum and check out "LONA junkriged Schooner for sale - PRICE REDUCTION" It might be just the boat you are looking for!
(Offensive Comment?)

14th Oct 14 - David S - commented:

Congratulations to a wonderful couple. I had the pleasure of meeting you both at Toronga Zoo, where you taught me so much. I have followed your adventures ever since. I wish you fair winds and good sailing on this your next big adventure in life, as one of the best couples I know of. Some day I hope to see you again, and join you in one of your photo adventures.
(Offensive Comment?)

14th Oct 14 - Barry and Gloria Squires - commented:

Congratulations well done hope you will be very happy.
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15th Oct 14 - Jeff and Helen Ash - commented:

Chris and Jess, we've just finished reading your last couple of Teleport blogs (have again enjoyed them immensely) and watching your wedding video. Sincere congratulations - your vows were beautiful and so obviously heart-felt! Good luck for the next phase of your lives together, and we will be watching for news of what you are both up to along the way. Best wishes, Jeff and Helen.
(Offensive Comment?)

16th Oct 14 - Poldy - commented:

Congratulations Jess and Chris, that's even been a wedding! The wedding was but even so right after my ideas. :-) I wish you, together a full, long and happy life. Maybe later once with child / children which then you have quite a lot to tell. Poldy of Germany
(Offensive Comment?)

16th Oct 14 - Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff - commented:

Congrats to you both. We hope you have a life filled with adventure, joy and happiness. This has been a wonderful blog and quite a journey. On a slightly selfish note, we are sad you are selling Teleport. We loved the videos and the adventurous spirit. We both huddled around the computer each time a new episode was poster and watched in awe. Loved it! Thank you for sharing. If we ever make it to Australia, we'll by you a beer and take you sailing. But, by the time we get there you'll probably have mini explorers (kids) :) Cheers, Mark and Cindy s/v Cream Puff www.creampuff.us ps - are you going to keep the blog going?
(Offensive Comment?)

18th Oct 14 - Victor Wejer - commented:

Congratulation to both of you. Let it be a next part of your journey
(Offensive Comment?)

11th Nov 14 - Martin - commented:

Your wedding is the right topping of all the experiences you made together. My Congratulations. I love your arctic sail adventure and the all the videos you share with us. Keep it up. Best wishes, Martin
(Offensive Comment?)

9th Dec 14 - John phillips - commented:

how much do you want for teleport?
(Offensive Comment?)

19th Jan 15 - Amigo from Montreal! - commented:

Big congratulations Mr.and Mrs. Bray ;-) For two days, I enjoyed your adventures along the Teleport and enjoyed very much this wonderful wedding in the arms of this breath taking virgin nature! I thank you for sharing your adventures and your most special happy moments with us! I wish you all happiness and fulfillment, I am sure prosperity is just a matter of time here! May you always be safe, healthy and always happy together :)
(Offensive Comment?)

28th Jan 15 - Art Hebert - commented:

I have just binge watched your entire series... Great stories and wonderful scenery. You have inspired me to get going with my boat soon. Its getting the time off that is the pain. Enjoy your life together. Cheers
(Offensive Comment?)

14th Apr 15 - Darren McCartney Suffragan Bishop The Arctic - commented:

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I have had the pleasure of visiting many of the communities you visited in Arctic Canada. Look forward to seeing what you both get up to next!!
(Offensive Comment?)

28th Apr 15 - Robert Meade - commented:

Enjoyed your video and travels very much. The editing and content were super. I am planning the trip to NS and Greenland then going east. You both are inspiring !
(Offensive Comment?)

15th May 15 - Mitch Appleby - commented:

I think you could make a trip across town and a bicycle interesting. Your photography and story telling is excellent. I look forward to any new adventure you take on. God's speed to you both.
(Offensive Comment?)

11th Jul 15 - Rich Brauel - commented:

You have mesmerized me for the last hour and I am only through several of your vedios! I suddenly realized I had a smile on my face while watching that would not go way. Your bright eyed enthusiasm and willingness to tackle anything is inspiring and respected. Youth and love is everything, as you have proved. The continued very best to you. Rich
(Offensive Comment?)

14th Aug 15 - Richard hicks - commented:

Amazing, wonderful, my wife and I enjoyed a like moment like yours. She passed in 2000 but our life together continues on. Love really is forever.
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