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VIDEO UPDATE 16#  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [29th Apr 14]  See below for comments (4)

Watch Teleport Video Update #16 - Click for full-size.

Hi Every one,

Just a very quick message to let you all know that we have just finished editing together Teleport Video Update #16 - this covers us from Nome to St Matthew Island, Alaska, July 2013.

Please follow the link below or visit the "videos" tab on our webpage:


Jess & Chris

29th Apr 14 - Dalbs - commented:

Great work Team Teleport ! I loved it, as usual. :-)
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30th Apr 14 - Warren MANGAN - commented:

Great work,
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30th Apr 14 - Matt in Idaho - commented:

You two are so cute.. Love all of the videos... cant wait to see more... Keep them coming, and stay safe out there!
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11th May 14 - Aleksandar Giljanovic - commented:

Great adventure and videos. Love your energy and enthusiasm. Wish you many more exciting and successful endeavours.
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