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Gallery: Teleport 2013 Journey - Alaska

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Launching Teleport
Still plenty of ice in the Bering Strait on the way in
Us in front of Teleport - she survived the winter
Jess re-painting the chafe marks in the hull
Epoxy putty to fill some holes from last years haul out trauma
Chris with the TrollPro GoPro housing
Jess and one of Rollands beautiful sled dogs
Rolland\'s dogs taking him for a spin
Jess sorting out the many charts
Engine tachometer from a bike computer
Muskox around the industry of Nome
Chris with the DJI Phantom gopro drone
Frame from GoPro video of test flight od DJI Phantom drone over Nome Harbour - see Teleport
Borje giving me a 30th birthday pressie of some dried pike from his winter tied with a sled dog clip
Gold miners trying their luck on the beach
The river raft race
Chriss 3D photo bracket
3D example, go crosseyed, focus on the middle image.
Wedging Teleport into the trailer
Note the wheel and the keel ground clearance
Red Fox
An Island appearing beneath the fog
Chris flying his DJI Phantom drone
Jess with a whale bone
Crested Aucklet
Teleport at anchor
Bowhead whale I carved from whale baleen
Collecting water from a glacier stream
Going ashore
Our amazing sushi meal complete with raw char and caviar and mountain sorel!
Singing Vole *only found on St Matthew Is
Chris beside a huge Bowhead whale jaw bone
Just a few birds
Fox with a least Aucklet for dinner
Old glass fishing floats
Chris holding up an Arctic Char
Possibly a Northern Right Whale....
Chris with a Walrus Skull
Puffins coming into land
so much drift wood and floats
Seal trying to get warm
Pelagic Cormorant
Campfire on the best seats around
Tufted Puffin
Birds feeding on krill
Thick-billed Murre
Crested Auklet
Parakeet Auklet
Tufted Puffin through burrow
Jess cliff-edge photography!
Blue / Black Arctic fox
Northern Fur Seal
Chris holding up camera with extension to lower over cliff
Photo of Common Murre coming back to its egg half way down the cliff
Get much fog \'round here?
Poppies - everywhere
Least Auklets taking flight
Red Faced Cormorant
Check out the number of puffins!
Bonfire with friends
Heading out to the cruise ship for a sauna!
Jess meeting a friendly local Fisheries and Wildlife biotechnician studying the birds
Phosphorescence glowing blue behind Teleport
Laysan Albatross
Humpback whale
Heading out of St George island
Town of St. George through the fog
Grizzly Bear on the shore!
Teleport in Unalaska - Dutch Harbour
Danielle taking us around town
Ship exiting Dutch Harbour
Mountain Scene
So many Bald Eagles
Sailing along the Alaskan Peninsula
Humpback Whale Tale
Crazy tide rip currents ahead!
Jess steering Teleport through crazy currents and whirls at 12kn
Giant Kelp fronds, this one wrapped around our rudder
Trying not to run into any Kelp, using LedLenser X21R
Oh no, another whirlpool!
Storm coming!
Classic little salmon fishing boat
Moments after the bear and we surprised each other! Lizzy and Tom in foreground.
The Grizzly Bear walking towards us
A day out sport fishing!
Fred gave us an awesome Sockeye Salmon!
Not the best place for a kids playground
Our friend Arney, over for pancakes
Bald Eagle
Berry Picking - 2 bags of salmon berries
Off berry picking with loaned ATV
Making Salmon Berry Jam!
Salmon randomly jumping out at sea
Phosphorescence bow wave
Petrified fossilised wood
Humpback Whale tale
Sand Point
Old boat
the broken yard lift
Chris learning to climb the mast with prussic hitches
Using our Happy Captain pole to try and hook the halyard to pull back down
My makeshift rope sling for the yard
Fin Whale
Amazing backlit Fin Whale blow
Sea Otter
Heading into Geographic Harbour, Alaska
Grizzly Bear eating salmon
Amazing how close they came! Chris taking photos
Teleport aground! Whoops!
What an anchorge!
They run so fast!
Note the drone flying above!
Drone view over the river delta filled with bears
River delta seen from the drone - beautiful
See the salmon eggs row pouring from the fish
Backlit bear shaking
So many bears so close together - tempers sometimes flare
What a backdrop!
On 2 legs for a better view of the salmon
So many bears!
Waterfalls cascading down the mountains
Big Scar face rears around to pounce on another salmon
Got one!
Sharing is caring
The best bit - often they leave the heads
Teleport from drone camera
Teleport dwafed beside the amazing NZ yacht Maia
Cute sea otters
Kayaking around Seldovia
Lowepros new Dryzone BP 40L waterproof camerabag
Manky dying zombie salmon
Berry picking in Jackolof Bay with borowed berry comb, turns out these were black currents not blue berries these ones! We quickly learnt.
Sea otter dove for my GoPro and carried it around filming himself
Tufted Puffin with a beak full of fish!
At the Glacier lake
The front of the glacie
Cute floating houses
Jess and my 5 year dinner at The Saltry
Drone flying over the glacier lake
Jess\'s folks sailing aboard Teleport!
Us and Jess\'s parents Max and Judith at Glacier lake
Another cute sea otter
Jess\'s Mum Judith catches her first Salmon in Alaska!
Jess\'s Dad Max catches his first Salmon in Alaska!
Campfire to bake some salmon
Teleport coming out of the water
Final amazing BBQ dinner with Megan, Luc and Jess\'s folks
Chainsawing the foam blocks to support Teleport
Wedging in the bits of foam to balance Teleport for the winter
Teleport ready for the winter!
Chris & Jess, video update #20

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