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Gallery: Final Repairs etc before departure - 2011

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Back aboard Teleport after 7 months. She survived the winter OK!
Check out the newly revamped engine!
Taking the shrinkwrap cover off Teleport
Jim B and Terry delivering more deliveries!
Making a new windvane for the self steering gear
Hows that for a rusty old engine - thats the water cooling pump
High tech with old - reading the engine manual on my macbook as I take it apart
Cleans up ok! Had to make a new gasket as you can see
Taking the engine apart
Pretty rusted stud holding the water pump on! haha. Replaced that one!
Terry trying to subtly convince the broken-off fitting to come out.
Looking forward to when Jess turns up and convinces me to stop for proper dinners! haha
Launch attempt - moments before it all goes bad.
8x8 solid wooden beam sheared right through, rotten on the inside.
Quick! Shove a strut under it, and nail it into the ground to stop her being able to fall off the cradle!
Ken shoving 7feet 8x8 beams into the back of his car for me. legend!
Better get all this cleaned up before Jess gets here!!!
Another angle of my new pride and joy!
Thanks Terry!
Jess painting the mast
Us at the news radio station for our interview
Our rib dingy being made at Amphibian Inflatables
Our finished custom-made super expedition rib! Thanks Bill (on right)
Inside our icebox - now with storage levels etc
Pouring Spartite in around the mast
Installing the new heads toilet
Jess and Jim B admire their finished canvas warmth-sealing doors
Jess painting the shelves for the new clothes cupboard
Check out all our 4 months of supplies filling Terry\'s van!
Our dock filled with 4 months of food - now to try and pack it away somewhere!
Spray painting our life-ring bright orange so we can see it!
Derek doing a test-fit of the nearly complete stainless steel arch
How adorable - Derek left us both lunch while we were away and he was working on the arch for us!
Putting together the blades on our Air Breeze wind turbine - free power from the skies!
Putting the blades on the mounted Air Breeze wind turbine!
Making the pipe system for deck ropes to run through
Our finished new clothes cupboard - complete with hanging section!
Our friend Derek from Purity Stainless works on despite the rain, to get our arch finished so we can leave! Thanks again Derek!
Filling up our 100L Turtle-Pac flexible tank on deck with diesel
Teleport for sale

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