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Welcome Aboard Yacht Teleport!

Ahoy there! Chris Bray and Jess Taunton here - two young Australian's, sailing the adventure of a lifetime! Having bought a tired old yacht in Canada in 2009, we spent three months in 2010 rebuilding her, named her 'Teleport', fell in love, and are now sailing her home to Australia, as slowly as possible, via the world's coolest & most remote places. In 2012 we became the first junk-rig (& youngest couple) to sail the infamous Northwest Passage in the Arctic above Canada! Considering as Jess had never sailed before, and Chris had to read up on junk-rig yachts and rebuilding and hand-starting single-cylinder boat engines, we've learnt lots already but can promise the next few years will be just as exciting, scary, heart-breaking and hilarious!

Our Wedding! DVD dock, and Teleport FOR SALE!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [13th Oct 14]  Comments (30)

Chris & Jess\'s Crazy Wedding Adventure - Click for full-size.

We finally tied the knot!! When our flights home from Alaska were cancelled three days in a row due to fog, we were beginning to worry we might be late for our own wedding! However, eventually we made it home to Australia with just 5 days to spare before heading off on our adventure wedding! Our wedding was held at a secret destination - not even the people coming knew where they were going! We just told 20 of our closest friends and family to pack four days of warm clothes and meet us at...READ MORE >>

Prince William Sound  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [27th Jul 14]  Comments (13)

Humpback Whale Breaching at Sunset - Click for full-size.

We didn't stay long in Seward, just long enough for a hot shower at the Harbour Masters, get a shrimp/prawn licence, and marvel at the endless rows of motor-homes and the giant cruise ship that we mistook for an iceberg on the way in. For a bit of much-needed exercise we jogged up the mountain towering over the port, up and down which they have a famous marathon every 4th July 'Independence Day' - quite the event apparently, and the town was in full swing getting ready for it as we refuelled nex...READ MORE >>

Glaciers, Orca and more, onwards from Seldovia  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [30th Jun 14]  Comments (21)

Teleport in front of Aialik Glacier, Alaska - Click for full-size.

It was a great start: A pod of Orca (killer whales) accompanied our ferry trip from Homer across to Seldovia where Teleport lay wrapped and waiting. Actually it wasn't a ferry, it was a scenic cruise boat, but it was the only boat heading to Seldovia that day. Weighed down with countless bags, and bleary-eyed from 36-hrs of planes and airports, we looked deceptively disinterested in the otters and bird-covered rocks - Jess even stretched out asleep across the seats - until the captain shouted “O...READ MORE >>

Heading back to Teleport!  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [17th Jun 14]  Comments (25)

Chris & Jess, video update #20 - Click for full-size.

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter here in Sydney, Australia, which is a sure sign that it must be beginning to look a lot like summer in Alaska - time for some more sailing! Chris and I departed for Alaska on Monday 16th of June, surviving a 14hr flight to Los Angeles, a 6hr layover there, and we're currently in the air between L.A. and Anchorage (5.hrs), where we'll spend a night homeless at the airport from about midnight until our 6AM flight on a much smaller plane to Homer, where a fr...READ MORE >>

VIDEO UPDATE 16#  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [29th Apr 14]  Comments (4)

Watch Teleport Video Update #16 - Click for full-size.

Hi Every one, Just a very quick message to let you all know that we have just finished editing together Teleport Video Update #16 - this covers us from Nome to St Matthew Island, Alaska, July 2013. Please follow the link below or visit the "videos" tab on our webpage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2EF0A56Xh8&feature=youtu.be Cheerio, Jess & Chris ...READ MORE >>

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