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Interviewed on Canon EOS Pro website GEAR IN ACTION  [8th Dec 11]

Interviewed on Canon EOS Pro website GEAR IN ACTION - Click to enlarge.

My interview for Canon EOS Pro website has just come out in their GEAR IN ACTION section! "Interview with Chris Bray - Wildlife & Extreme Environment Photographer" mostly me waffling on about photography during Jess and my recent arctic sail onboard Teleport =)

August 2011, award-winning adventurer Chris Bray together with his partner Jess Taunton began navigating the legendary Northwest Passage along the Arctic. Back in Australia and working towards the second stage of the journey, Chris Bray shares his experience shooting in extreme environments.

Q: You took on one of the world’s biggest challenges for such a small yacht. Did the idea come on a whim or have you been dreaming about this?
CB: Jess and I were cycle touring Tasmania when we stopped to visit a friend in Hobart. He showed us a little photo of a green yacht that he wanted to sell, and we decided right then and there to buy it. We hadn’t even thought about sailing until this opportunity came up. I had just .....

Click HERE to go to the Canon EOS Pro website and read the interview and see the gallery of photos!

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