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What've you been photographing lately?

We've just come back from shooting the migration in Africa and exploring Alaska for a new safari destination, and we're super inspired to help you out! We've got an awesome Joby 'UltraFit Hand Strap' to giveaway, a gear test of a GoPro drone I've used and abused, info on the recently released Canon 70D AND a free step-by-step tutorial on how to shoot amazing time-lapses written by Jonathan Ives... who's come onboard as the newest member of the CBP team! So sit back, grab a latte and enjoy the read!

NEW FREE TUTORIAL - Shooting Time-lapse Videos
Ever wished you could speed up time? Well now you can, thanks to the endless creative possibilities of 'time-lapse' photography. A time-lapse is a short video created by stitching together a sequence of still photos, taken one after another, using movie creation software. Each individual still photo becomes the equivalent of a 'frame' in the movie. When these frames are put together, usually at a rate of around 24 frames per second, the collection of still images appears transformed into a moving scene. This technique has been utilised by documentary makers for years to display dramatic cloud movements, sunsets or the opening of a flower, all 'sped up' into just a few seconds. This tutorial will help you create your own in five easy steps! Click here to read on >>>

Oh and don't forget we have a collection of other free tutorials online including how to photograph star trails, how to use and control your flash and how to 'paint' with light when taking long exposures!
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Shane Fahey from NSW Australia who entered our biggest-ever competition through clothing brand 'Vigilante' and just WON TWO FREE PLACES on our sold-out 'Ultimate Africa' photo safari in Kenya next January, along with free airfares from Air Mauritius...
...all up WORTH OVER $25,000!
SAFARI IN FOCUS - Africa's Great Migration
Jess and I led our 7th Safari to Kenya this September. We were joined by 8 clients, 7 of whom had already traveled to Kenya with us on a previous safari. This time we visited different national parks (and revisited some of our favourites) at a different time of year to experience one of nature's greatest spectacles - the migration of thousands of wildebeest through the spectacular Masai Mara reserve. Honestly, this safari was beyond all my expectations. We saw such a variety of animal species, incredible sunsets and sunrises, remarkable examples of animal behaviour, were touched by the local Kenyan hospitality AND, of course, we all have thousands of amazing photographs and videos to prove it. But if you don't believe me, here is what one of our clients, David, wrote about the safari:

"If you have been on Chris and Jess's regular Kenya safari then you should hound them relentlessly with emails until they repeat this premium migration safari. The Mara exceeded every expectation, and the rest of the trip was filled with numerous, unforgettable wildlife encounters."

We are currently finalising the dates for our next 'Moving Migration Safari' in September 2014 and will be open for bookings very soon. We'll also soon be announcing our January 2015 dates for our most popular safari ever - our Ultimate Africa, Kenya Safari - so stay tuned! If you are interested in either, please email us and you'll be the first to know when the dates are announced, so hopefully you won't miss out as they sell out fast!
This awesome new mid-range DSLR is just hitting stores as you're reading this. Replacing the 60D, the 70D boasts an impressive set of features including Wifi (control your camera remotely, live via your smartphone), flip-out touch-screen, and ISO up to 12,800 (expandable to 25,600). But, most amazing of all, its 20.2 megapixel sensor utilizes 'Dual Pixel' technology - a world-first breakthrough - finally enabling fast, smooth Auto Focus tracking even in Live View / filming! I've been waiting for this to happen! It's got a lot of the fancy pro-end customization options too like adjustable AF tracking sensitivity, multiple-exposure, in-camera HDR and you can even digitally zoom in up to 10x when filming while still retaining full HD quality! There's a cool video about the 70D here, and it's available now - for example Digital Camera Warehouse are selling it for $1,349.
Imagine snap-freezing the water droplets as a Grizzly Bear pounces on a salmon just meters from you, photographing adorable sea otters floating lazily on the backs, and puffins skating along the water as they attempt to lift off. Imagine cruising quiet waters where whales, seals and an impossible number of birds are spotted daily from the comfort of our own, private, luxury mini-cruise boat (where every room has an ensuite!), poking into all the best, little-known bays. Now imagine experiencing all of this in a small group of only 7 other like-minded photographers with the expert help of two experienced professional photography guides for a full two week safari!

After Jess and I returned from three months sailing in Alaska this year we were inspired to put together an 'Ultimate Alaska Safari', overnighting in the world famous Denali National park (with a scenic flight over glaciers and mountains), a full week of cruising Prince William Sound (a nature lovers paradise) and then catching a float-plane to another mini cruise boat for four nights in our favourite spot, Geographic Harbour, where you'll be able to safely photograph bears only meters away from you - not to mention bald eagles, puffins and otters! The trip will run from the 2nd till the 15th of August, 2014 and cost approximately $11,000, full-board without airfares to/from Alaska. At this stage we are only seeking expressions of interest. So if you are interested, please drop us an email ASAP to let us know!
We're very excited to have Jonathan Ives coming onboard with us full time. Jonathan is a gifted and passionate photographer who uses his research background in animal behaviour to capture beautiful and unique images of nature and wildlife. In between honing his photography skills in some seriously remote parts of Australia, Jonathan's been helping run our business behind the scenes for a few years now. A published Australian Geographic photographer, we are super excited to now have Jonathan presenting some of our courses, writing tutorials and helping expand CBP. Read more about Jonathan here.
HAVEN'T DONE OUR 1 DAY PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE? We have HEAPS of courses, scheduled in cities all around Australia. Find out what everyone's raving about and come along!
"At last - the mystery of digital photography explained in easy to understand terms! A must do course for anyone who wants to get the most out of their camera."
"I learnt so much even in the first 10 min's - Will recommend this course to others"
"I have leant more in one day than a year of reading at home!"
"I will be raving to everyone about your course!"


Thinking about taking a holiday? Love taking photos if only those around you had the patience? We hear you, and that's why our photo safaris are proving so hugely popular! Don't miss the opportunity to join a small group of like-minded photographers, under the guidance of professional photographers, to help you not only have an unforgettable experience in some incredible places, but also get the best shots possible and improve your photography no end! Some last minute spots have just become available. They'll be snapped up fast so you'd better get in quick!

Our new Christmas Island photography safari has only TWO spots left! Christmas Island is one of the most beautiful and relatively untouched tropical locations in Australia.
Patagonia (26th Oct - 9th Nov 2013) and the Galapagos (11th to 24th Nov 2013) have both just had ONE last minute spot become available! This is an amazing opportunity to visit truly magnificent parts of the world, bursting with wildlife. We also have some spots available for our beautiful Tasmania East Coast Experience (24th - 29th March 2014) too!

Next week we're running two safaris to Kangaroo Island. While they're both sold out, send us an email to put your name down on our waiting list for October next year if you don't want to miss out! The same goes for those of you who want to be on the waiting list for the new Galapagos dates in November 2014 - email us and let us know!
GEAR TEST - DJI 'Phantom' GoPro Drone:
It's like the future just arrived! Who'd have thought for under $1k you could effortlessly fly a camera around getting aerial HD video and stills of whatever you want!? I've hovered it above a river-delta filled with grizzly bears catching salmon in Alaska, lowered it down beside giant Nile crocodiles and elephants in Africa, filmed surfers, even launched it from my sailing boat to film some expensive-looking helicopter fly-pasts at sea!

This incredibly stable, easy to fly DJI 'Phantom' quadrocopter ($650 approx) has inbuilt GPS so it always hovers in the same place (even if the wind is blowing), and if you accidentally fly it out of range (or your controller battery dies) it automatically returns to where it took off from and lands! With a range of 300m, and a battery life of around 10-15min (I get about 5-7min when weighed down with cameras, video transmitters etc) the possibilities for getting unique perspectives are endless. You have to buy your own GoPro, and I strongly advise buying a 'Fat Shark Predator V2 (approx $270) giving live video feed back to virtual-reality goggles, as without it, flying at any distance, it quickly becomes impossible to tell which direction the craft is pointing or moving, let alone what you're filming. I've also swapped to a set of balanced blades, and use an anti-jello rubber camera mount which prevents vibrations causing any wobbly jello-effect in the video. Getting a bit fancy, I also just installed a 'Beholder Lite' (approx $220) gimbal mount which not only holds the camera steady as the drone tilts forwards/backwards, side/side when moving, but also lets you remotely tilt the camera from forward-facing to looking straight down for a bird's eye view etc.

There are currently strict laws in Australia prohibiting the use a drone commercially without an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle license and operating permit similar to getting your helicopter license, but for 'sport and recreation', you're pretty much able to do what you want - providing you don't fly it above 400ft, out of sight, or in restricted airspace (anywhere near an airport). Of course you must fly it responsibly, mindful of things like peoples privacy, keeping a safe and non-stressful distance from people and animals, not above crowds of people etc... but providing you fly with a bit of common sense, I'd have to say this drone is the best camera accessory I've ever seen!
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