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Bon Voyage!

It's that time of year again! My fiancé Jess and I to fly north to Alaska on Tuesday to plunge our little wooden adventure sailing yacht Teleport back into the ocean (once it melts!) and continue our photographic journey along the Alaskan coastline for a couple of months. But so much has been going on with the business that we couldn't resist sending out one quick e-newsletter to bring you up to date about new products on the market that we've been testing out, a new photography tutorial I've written, a new photography safari destination and more! And don’t think that just because Jess and I are out of the office for a while that CBP is slowing down - far from it, our co-presenter Ian Connellan (Editor-at-large for Australian Geographic, and Lonely Planet photographer) will be running 9 of our 1 Day Photography Courses while we're away (He's been running lots of our courses for the past 6 months now, getting rave reviews!) and we've also employed a handful of staff to keep the office in full swing! So if you've never been to one of our photography courses, now's the perfect time!
NEW FREE TUTORIAL - AUTO FOCUSING POINTS AND MODES:  Focusing: selecting what's blurry and what's not. It sounds simple - and it is - but unless you understand some basics in selecting different focusing modes and focus points, failing to master this simple step can ruin a lot of good photos. It's just a quick tutorial this time - and many of you will know it all already - but when I start with this at each of my 1 Day Photography Courses, there's always a handful of people whose gasps of dawning comprehension remind me that the importance of this setup can't be overstated. READ my step-by-step guide!
PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE NOTES! This wonderfully comprehensive little 32-page, full-colour, A6-sized (10x15cm) handbook covers everything that's in my '1 Day Photography Course' along with plenty of examples and is handed out freely to each attendee on the day. Written in easy-to-read language, logically laid-out (Getting Started, Composition Tips, Exposure, Aperture & Depth of Field, Shutter Speed & Movement, ISO, Lighting, Lenses, Extras), and presented in a convenient-to-shove-in-your-camera-bag format, this booklet is printed on luxury gloss stock with a heavy-duty cardboard cover and is designed to be your portable reminder of everything you learnt during your 1 Day Photography Course with us.


If you havent been on a course or safari with us now is the time as, we'll be giving these out free to all attendees from now on! 

WHATS NEW IN OUR KIT: The other day we heard about this nifty little device called a 'Triggertrap' that's basically a timer/remote for your camera, but which connects to your smartphone, and with it's associated app, gives you amazing new ways to control your camera. Everything from the usual long-exposure bulb modes for star trails etc, but can also things like time-lapse (even distance-Lapse - check out this new concept), motion detector (ie when the iPhone's camera detects movement it makes your DLSR take a photo - like a camera trap!), sound sensor, shock/vibration sensor mode, facial recognition mode and more! We've got one now and looking forward to testing it out in Alaska to see what it's really like - but it sounds pretty cool, and costs $32 US + postage.
GUESS WHAT?!?! We are VERY EXCITED to announce that we’ve JUST finalised A BRAND NEW DESTINATION for our acclaimed Photography Safaris - this time to CHRISTMAS ISLAND for 8 days,  from 22nd - 29th of May 2014. Christmas Island really is one of Australia's best kept secrets - it's a stunning tropical paradise, overflowing with so many endemic species that it's often referred to as 'The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean'. Few people have looked closely enough at the globe to locate this small, vibrant emerald - about 2,600km northwest of Perth - shimmering in the midst of the vast blue waters of the Indian Ocean. It's one of the most recently discovered and settled islands on the planet, and although mostly known for it's tiny immigration detention center recently installed on the far side, 63% of the island is actually national park. It's one of the world's truly spectacular tropical seabird breeding stations boasting many rare and usual birds all fearless of man, has incomprehensible numbers and varieties of crabs, waterfalls, crystal-clear, warm reefs offering some of the best snorkeling in the world, and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints are those made by nesting turtles. We've scoured the islandfor the best photographic vantage points and forged exciting contacts within their Tourism Association and National Parks to be able to offer you this absolutely unique and utterly enchanting week-long visit. While not for the unfit or infirm, this exiting package - the only CI photo safari in the world - includes flights from/to Perth, 4WD-ing, boat trips, hikes, blowholes, cave-swims, night-trips, presentations for us by NPWS rangers, and a hotel room with precious air-conditioning and a view of the ocean! 
This safari is limited to a maximum of 8 people, for $4,995 p/p ($4,495 if you're in our CBP voyager club) which includes over $1,000 worth of flights (to/from Perth)!
To read our day-to-day itinary, watch our promotional video and see some example photos from when we visited the island this May, check out the new Christmas Island Photo Safari page on our website. 
ARCTIC DRONE CAMERA - SO EXCITED! On Tues Jess and I leave for another 2.5 months of arctic sailing on our little wooden yacht currently thawing out in Alaska, and I just bought myself a 30th b'day pressie: A GoPro equipped drone (a DJI Phantom) with GPS control and 300m range, which i'll link up to a live wireless video feed (FatShark Predator V2) back to virtual-reality goggles to fly real-time and judge how close I am to the subject etc. Imagine the footage - high up view of sailing through ice or amongst dolphins, up to bears, etc. Doubtless I'll crash and loose it in the first couple of days, but.. for now.. so excited! Follow our adventure and blog at
HAVEN'T DONE OUR 1 DAY PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE? We have HEAPS of courses, scheduled in cities all around Australia. Find out what everyone's raving about and come along! 
“Thoroughly enjoyable day. Demystifies the complexity of photography in simple easy to follow steps. A must do course for anyone who wants to get the most of their camera.” 
"I learnt so much even in the first 10 min’s – Will recommend this course to others”
“I have leant more in one day of this course than a year of reading at home!”
“Was a great course, well worth it!”

BOOK IN NOW! HOBART: June 23rd, MELBOURNE: July 6th or 7th, September 14th or 15th, ADELAIDE: July 20th or 21st, BRISBANE: August 3rd or 4th, SYDNEY: August 17th or 18th & PERTH: 28th or 29th. 

WIN A SAFARI WITH US TO AFRICA FOR 2, WORTH $25,000! I know we have mentioned this competition before, but it's still running and you would be absoultly CRAZY not to enter!! All 5 of our Kenya Safaris for the next 12 months are sold out, but all is not lost - before this, we partnered up with Aussie travel-clothing brand Vigilante  (Available in Anaconda stores, Ray's Outdoors and many other outdoor-type retailers) along with Air Mauritius to be able to offer this most amazing competition ever: a chance for you and your mate to be flown for free over to Kenya, and come on our 2 week photo safari! To enter, all you need to do is buy any piece of Vigilante gear (even just a hat!), keep the docket and visit their website HERE!  So what are you waiting for? Go buy some Vigilante and hopefully we'll see you in Kenya! P.S. It'd be awesome if one of you guys won it, rather than some random!
NEW DATES FOR 5-day Tassie East Coast Photographic Safaris, this time Australian Geographic editor-at-large and lonely planet photographer Ian Connellan is running the first safari starting on Monday the 24th of Feb 2014 in Launceston and finishing on Saturday 1st March in Hobart!!! Chris Bray will run the second safari starting on the 24th of March and finishing on the 29th of March 2014. Visit our website to watch the very cool 4-minute promotional video we have put together, read the full day-to-day itinerary and drool over the example photographs for each day. Be sure to let us know ASAP if you’d like to reserve your spot!!

As well as the Tassie Photo Safari, we still have a few spots left for the Patagonia Safari 26th of October till the 9th of November 2013 (SPECIAL OFFER - Buy one spot at full price and receive a second spot for half price at only $3,748!!), Galapagos Safari 11th of Nov till the 24th 2013  (ONE SPOT LEFT) 
NEED A  SPEAKER FOR CORPORATE EVENTS?  Chris Bray leads an extraordinary life - one which has inspired audiences around the world. Not only is he a successful Australian and Arctic adventurer, entrepreneur, photographer and author, but Chris is also a sought after speaker, able to engage, motivate and enthral any audience with his unique blend of amazing stories, situations and lessons, while at the same time, maintaining his approachable and humble style, with a good-dose of humour thrown in. If you'd be interested to have Chris speak for your audience, be that in Australia or overseas, please contact him to discuss pricing and availability. Please include the date, time, location, approximate audience #s and demographics, talk duration and desired themes/angles in your enquiry. 
IT'S BEEN A BUSY MONTH: I did a presentation talk at Vivid Festival in Sydney, and had my own CBP stand there for the weekend, partnered up with Lowepro which was wonderful - we gave a way a lot of bags and met a lot of really lovely people who came up to say Hi. A couple of days later was the sold-out, world premiere of the feature-length documentary film 'The Crossing' on my mate Clark and my expedition to cross Victoria Island in the arctic, on the big screen in the cinemas downtown in Sydney which was awesome. 
The doco's due out later in the year sometime, but you can buy the book 'The 1000 Hour Day' from my website now. We also had my 30th birthday party (a bit early, but on the real day I'll be sailing in Alaska somewhere), and have been working flat-out to get this new Christmas Island safari all organised as well as new dates for Tassie etc.

Sleep's over rated! 
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