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Gear reviews, Photo Competitions with $500 worth of prizes  & another awesome photography tutorial. 
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Happy Easter!

We really hope you'll enjoy this latest e-newsletter from Chris Bray Photography, filled with incredible Lowepro and Led Lenser giveaways worth over $500, gear reviews, discounts and deals, photo competitions, the chance for you & your mate to win a safari to Africa with us worth $25,000, exciting new photo safari destinations, and another free photography tutorial from me - this time on 'Understanding & Controlling Flash'!
NEW FREE TUTORIAL - Understanding & Controlling Flash: Controlling your flash to get some amazing creative effects is nothing like as hard as some photographers would have us believe. If you want to go measuring your 'Flash-to-subject distance' and calculating 'Flash Guide Numbers' etc then go right ahead, but thanks to modern TTL (Through The Lens) flash metering, controlling how bright the flashed bits of your photo look is just as easy as controlling how bright your normal photos look! You know that +/- Exposure Compensation slide-bar? Well, there's one for your flash too, and you can play with them independently to get awesome effects. Also learn how to make the flash go off at the end of the shot, understand flash sync speed, and how to get extra-fast flash photos! Read My Step-by-Step Guide! 
Previous Tutorials: 'Painting with Light', and 'How to shoot star trails'.
OUR 'BACKYARD WILDLIFE' PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION: With over $500 in prizes - including being one of the first in Australia to get a new Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW camera bag and a LED LENSERĀ® X7R - a spectacularly bright, focusable, rechargeable LED torch with an innovative magnetic charging system, alone worth $299 - this is our biggest photo comp yet! The brief? 'Backyard Wildlife' - Photos must be taken of wild animals or birds in or around the home! Good luck! Entries open from now until midday Wed 17th April when voting for finalists commences, from which the lucky winners will be picked by us on Wed 24th April. For full details and to enter on your computer, visit our Facekbook page. You can also enter via your iPhone/smartphone!
GEAR TEST - Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW: You might remember me drooling over this bag's little 15L brother in my first e-newsletter? Well, excitingly, Lowepro have just finished making a bigger and better 20L version, and I was lucky enough to be the first person in Australia to test it out while running a couple of my 5-day photo safaris in Tassie last month!

Happily, this bag retains all the joys of the 15L version: Being a 'Flipside' means it's got that super-easy-access system which lets us rotate the bag 'round in front to rummage & swap lenses without having to take the bag off and put it in the mud/sand, and being a 'Sport' means it's still got that wonderfully lightweight feel with it's perforated breathable padding across the back and shoulder straps; plenty of adjustment points, sternum strap etc to mould the bag snugly to my back when nimbly hopping from rock to rock along the The Bay of Fires; that ajustable side-flap to securely enfold my tripod (or my rolled up jumper/raincoat) so it doesn't jostle around, on the other side a zippered side pocket for a water bladder (or anything else), and as before, the entire customisable padded interior lifts out converting the bag to an everyday backpack! Appart from having a very welcome extra 5L of room inside (which lets me fit my 1Dx body with 100-400mm lens attached, my 24-105mm, 16-35mm, 100mm macro, ring flash, normal flash, and even an entire spare 1D mk IV pro backup body!), what I really like about this 20L is that the back face of the bag now unzips to reveal a whole new zippered section of big pouches that easily fit my MacBook Air laptop, phone, batteries, filters and more! What more could you need? It also has much comfier, padded waist supports, whereas the 15L had thin webbing straps. As my new favourite bag, Lowepro just agreed to send me one to GIVE AWAY TO YOU in our new photo comp!
WIN A SAFARI TO AFRICA FOR 2 WITH US WORTH $25,000! All 5 of our Kenya safaris for the next 12 months are sold out, but all is not lost - before this, we partnered up with Aussie travel-clothing brand Vigilante (Available in Anaconda stores, Ray's Outdoors and many other outdoor-type retailers) along with Air Mauritius to be able to offer this most amazing competition ever: a chance for you and your mate to be flown for free over to Kenya, and come on our 2 week photo safari! To enter, all you need to do is buy any piece of Vigilante gear (even just a hat!), keep the docket and visit their website HERE! So what are you waiting for? Go buy some Vigilante and hopefully we'll see you in Kenya!
WE'RE ON THE UP AND UP! Thanks to all you guys for helping spread the word about our safaris and 1 day photo courses, business is booming! For example, we've already sold-out all five of our Kenya photo safaris for the next 12 months! Demand for my 1 Day Photography Courses outstripped supply last year, so we're now very proud to have Ian Connellan (Editor at large for Australian Geographic, Getty Images & Lonely Planet photographer) trained up and working for us presenting exactly the same successful course, as well as a dedicated team of 5 awesome course assistants around the country, all of whom have received fantastic reviews. We're also now a fully licensed Travel Agent and Travel Compensation Fund Contributor etc giving you peace of mind knowing that our company passed the rather stringent business practice assessments, quality requirements and audits that this licence requires! We're also secretly working on a couple of very exciting new photo safari destinations for 2014.
HOBART 1 DAY PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES! You asked for it - we're going to be running our first 1 Day Photography Course in Hobart, at the Botanical Gardens on 23rd of June 2013. They have a great function room there we checked out last week, have organised catering, venues for our practical sessions etc, and although we haven't got it listed online yet, if you're keen, email to reserve your spot! You'll be learning from Australian Geographic's Ian Connellan on the day!
NEW DATES FOR 1 DAY PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES: You don't have to believe our marketing hype - just read any of the literally thousands of glowing reviews and quotes online from people who've unlocked their camera's creative potential at our all-in-one-day photography courses that started everything off.

"I learnt more in the first 30min than in 6 months of having my camera! Brilliant!"
"At last the mystery of Digital Photography explained in friendly, simple English!"

"I was not expecting to learn this much! Definitely got my moneys worth."
Sydney: Sat 8 Jun '13, Sun 9 Jun '13, Sat 17 Aug '13, Sun 18 Aug '13, Sat 26 Oct '13, Sun 27 Oct '13, Sat 7 Dec '13, Sun 8 Dec '13 , Sat 8 Feb '14, Sun 9 Feb '14. Melbourne: Fri 10 May '13, Sat 11 May '13, Sun 12 May '13 (Sold out), Mon 13 May '13, Sat 6 Jul '13, Sun 7 Jul '13, Sat 14 Sep '13, Sun 15 Sep '13, Sun 2 Feb '14, Mon 3 Feb '14. Perth: Fri 17 May '13, Sat 18 May '13, Sun 19 May '13, Sat 28 Sep '13, Sun 29 Sep '13, Sat 30 Nov '13, Sun 1 Dec '13, Mon 2 Dec '13, Sat 22 Feb '14, Sun 23 Feb '14. Adelaide: Sat 20 Jul '13, Sun 21 Jul '13. Brisbane: Sat 3 Aug '13, Sun 4 Aug '13. Hobart: Sun 23 Jun '13

LIGHT PAINTING LIGHTS - Photon Micro-Light II - $20 (only through me!) - We were so overwhelmed with orders from our last e-newsletter offering this deal that we've bought another stockpile to repeat the offer! As explained in the previous 'Painting with Light' tutorial, these awesome little LED lights are perfect for light drawings, creating orbs of light, etc. They feature a convenient squeeze/release ON/OFF switch for easy 'drawing with light', and also a separate permanent ON/OFF switch for things like 'light orbs'. They retail at about $35 AU (eg here), but we've bought another whole stockpile, and I can sell them brand new in the box for just $20 (+$3 postage and handeling, to Australia)! They are available in Blue, Green, White, Red and Yellow, and are so reliable that they've been selected for NASA misions! If you'd like to get one (or more), please email with the colour and qty BEFORE Saturday 20 April.
PATAGONIA PHOTO SAFARI - BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF PRICE! Patagonia is known as Nature's Wonderland, containing countless outstanding national parks, surreal landscapes and an absolute abundance of unique wildlife including whales, penguins, seals, armadillos, Llamas, Iguanas, birds and more! On 26th October 2013 we're very excited to be heading over there to run our first Patagonian photo safari, and as we still have a few spots left we thought we'd offer a crazy 'buy one, get another half price' deal, only valid this month of April! If you're interested, read all about the safari online HERE, and LET US KNOW ASAP!
KANGAROO ISLAND - NEW SAFARI DESTINATION! Unbelievable - who knew that all the very best bits of Australia existed in one spectacular, compact little island!? This new trip has proved so popular that we've sold out before we've even had a chance to get this new destination listed online, so we've organised to run a second trip, back to back. Trip #1: 10th-15th October 2013 (PLACES AVAILABLE). Trip #2: 16th-21st October 2013 (SOLD OUT). Koalas, kangaroos, seals, dolphins, amazing birdlife, stunning iconic rock formations, mouthwatering seafood, world-class wine, caves, red rocks on white sandy beaches at sunset. We scoped-out Kangaroo Island in Oct 2012, meticulously pulling together the ultimate 5.5 day photography itinerary to give 8 lucky guests an unparalleled opportunity not only to take incredible photos and enjoy a luxury escape in accommodation that has to be seen to be believed, but under our expert, friendly guidance, develop your photography skills to a whole new level. As a registered travel agent, we offer the complete package - we'll fly you to the island from Adelaide (avoiding the seasickness of the car ferry the others use!), get you up in chartered helicopters, out on private boats to photograph & swim with dolphins, drive you to the secret photo places at the right time of day in our mini bus, get you in underground caves before the regular tourists are allowed and even onto the sea lion beaches for perfect sunset lighting, after everyone else has had to go home! We've bulk-booked out the flights, and unlike many others, we have all the required photography permits and tourism operator licences for S.A. and this is going to be one trip of a lifetime that you don't want to miss! Email for the full day-to-day itinerary, then grab one of the last few places!
In closing, I just wanted to share with you some of the kind words that our recent Tassie Safari participants sent to us in the last few weeks. We'll be announcing new dates for 2014 Tassie Safaris soon.

"Travelling with a small group of photographers with varying abilities and experience, and learning how to wring every last ounce of performance out of my DSLR while taking in the beautiful sights of the east coast of Tasmania was memorable in the extreme ... Our accommodations were lovely, we ate well (maybe too well), and Chris and Jess are immensely talented photographers, with infinite patience and great skill and generosity as tutors!  Thanks for an awesome experience!~ Jeanie (who has just booked on two more of our safaris!)

"Every aspect of the trip was implemented flawlessly. When the weather challenged our program, Chris and Jess ensured we didn't miss out and skilfully reworked the schedule. The inclusion of a light plane and helicopter flight and a private boat charter really makes it value for money. You will advance your skills and meet like-minded photographers who will inspire you. I came away with new skills, friendships, memories and much improved photographs. I'm already booked on another and can't wait!~ Louisa
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