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  • "Excellent! Will reccommend to all!"
  • "At last the mystery of digital photography explained in friendly, simple English!"
  • "Presented in a very easy, friendly manner and not at all intimidating."
  • Borrow a DSLR for the day, even try our lenses!
  • "Im now no longer afriad to switch my camera off Auto!"
  • Gourmet Catering!
  • Mix of Prac & Theory
  • Shooting the day's 'Assignment'
  • One-on-One time
  • "I never thought I could understand my camera like this!"
  • "I learnt more yesterday than I ever thought possible!"
  • Who will win the camera bag?
  • "A fabulous workshop! I left feeling inspired & equipped to get the most out of my camera!"
  • Low Lighting Prac

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Photography Course Gift Certificates!

Our inspiring 1 Day Photography Courses make for a very special present that will be remembered and enjoyed for the rest of their lives. Giving the gift of understanding what their camera is capable of really is the gift that keeps on giving. Many of our course participants have been given the day as a present, and so we now offer special Gift Certificates to make the surprise even more special!

How Our Gift Certificates Work

Simply pick one of our listed course dates that you hope they might be able to attend, and proceed with our online booking system. At 'Booking Stage 2' where you enter the attendee's details, be sure to enter their first and last name, and their phone number, but as noted on the form, if this is to be a surprise gift, then enter YOUR email address (as booking confirmation and course reminder emails are sent to this address). On the final, stage 3 of the booking process just before paying, you will be presented with a button that enables you to view the booking as a fancy pre-filled-in gift certificate on screen! Either print it, save it, or screen-capture it - up to you, so you can post or present to them on their special day. Of course the certificate does not become 'valid' until payment has been made for this booking.

A place will be reserved for them to attend that course, just as if they had booked in themselves. Unless we hear from you or them saying otherwise, nothing more needs to be done, and we would be expecting them on the day.

If they can not make the course date that you selected, then - as it says on their certificate - all they need to do is email us and request their booking be swapped to a new date. Providing they are not pulling out of a course less than 7-days before the course then no re-booking fee is charged. If they want to swap out of a course within 7 days before the course, then they must pay a $150 re-booking fee (this helps cover the catering and zoo costs that are then too late for us to cancel at our end).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q) What's so good about your courses?
  • A) They are increasingly regarded as the best due to a combination of everything: Small, friendly class sizes with plenty of 1-on-1 time; all done in one compact day - not spread out over weeks of evening classes etc; taught in very easy to understand language - not graphs and confusing theory; two photographic tutors on hand to help; a unique mix of both prac and theory; great catering; it's backed by Canon, Australian Geographic and Lowepro; daily prizes; you can borrow a DSLR and tripod for free for the day if you don't have one; you can try some of our lenses; have taught over 1,500 people and refined the path to learning to be wonderfully simple and understandable using easy language; amazing venues with quiet function-room for theory and great subjects just outside for pracs; lecture slides provided as handout booklet so no need to take notes; free summary clip-cards for your camera... Read the reviews - people come away inspired and full of new understanding.
  • Q) I don't use CANON cameras - do you teach other brands too?
  • A) Yes of course! All the theory is exactly the same, and we know our way around every brand of camera and will make you feel just as comfortable as if you were a Canon user.
  • Q) Is there a minimum age to attend?
  • A) Yes. You must be 14 years or older to attend.
  • Q) Can I bring my young baby?
  • A) No sorry. Unfortunately babies cause too much distraction to you and others in the class. Some brest-feeding mums may opt to have their partner visit the zoo/venue for the day with the baby, and they can meet-up during our meal brakes which works well.
  • Q) Can you cater for specific diet requirements?
  • A) Yes of course! Please just enter any special requirements as a comment during the online booking process and we're happy to pass these on to the caterers! Easy!
  • Q) What lenses should I bring?
  • A) All of them! Why not? That way you'll learn about your whole kit. If you only have one, then that makes your decision easier - one is fine too! You'll be able to borrow some fancy new lenses on the day too, like macro lenses, fisheye etc.
  • Q) What's the difference between Chris and Ian's course?
  • A) It is the same course: The same theory slides and prac sessions, the same carefully refined easy path to learning, the same simple terminology, just with some personal examples and anecdotes from your presenter on the day.
  • Q) What if I've booked, but then can't make it on the day?
  • A) Bummer! I'm, sorry to hear that! We will refund you all but the $150 non-refundable deposit per person - this is to cover the catering, share of venue hire etc that we've already had to pay and can't get back ourselves.
  • Q) This is a surprise gift. How can I get a gift certificate?
  • A) That's generous of you! Sure. Just fill in the photography course booking form online as usual, putting their name down, and part way through you'll be able to click a button to display a pre-filled-in gift certificate online to print, save, screen-capture - whatever - but importantly put YOUR email contact for the booking, so when we email course details and booking confirmations etc the email comes to you instead of them! The same with the phone number.
  • Q) The course is sold out! Can I put myself on a waiting list?
  • A) Yup! Drop us an email (through the contact page) with your phone number and which course you wanted to attend, and if someone pulls out we'll give you a bell. You should also go to the main 'Photography Course Booking' page and enter your email address to the waiting list under the respective city, and that way you'll automatically be alerted when we open up new dates for that city in the future!
  • Q) I can't make the date! When's the next course?
  • A) If you go to the main 'Photography Course' page and enter your email address to the waiting list under the respective city, you'll automatically be alerted when we open up new dates for that city in the future! Easy!
  • Q) Is food and venue entry included?
  • A) Yes of course! All venues include amazing catering for lunch, morning and afternoon tea, as well as tea & coffee on arrival. If the course is at a zoo, then yes, zoo entry is included. The day is completely self-contained.

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