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Motivational Speaker

Australian Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Author.

Chris Bray leads an extraordinary life - one which has inspired audiences around the world. Not only is he a successful Australian and Arctic adventurer, entrepreneur, photographer and author, but Chris is also a gifted and sought after speaker, able to engage, motivate and enthral any audience with his unique blend of amazing stories, situations and lessons, while at the same time, maintaining his warm, approachable and humble style, with a good-dose of humour thrown in. Backed with incredible photos from his experiences around the world, Chris's presentations keep people talking for years, and the lessons subconsciously learned last a lifetime.

Chris has presented to audiences as diverse as annually lecturing final-year engineering university students on 'Decisions when lives depend on them', to national speaking tours about his adventures, Australian citizenship ceremonies, corporate events, staff training nights, leadership camps, lectures on risk-assessment for insurance industry evenings, and both primary and high school talks. He is experienced in tailoring his delivery to suit the specific needs and interests of your group, yet still working in the same important underlying motivational, educational, inspirational, enterprising and entertaining themes. Chris's business and life journey illustrate perfectly the importance of goal-setting, positive mindset & perseverance, self-motivation, teamwork & leadership, overcoming setbacks, ambition, and above all, with a little enthusiasm and self-confidence, almost anything really is possible.

If you'd be interested to have Chris speak for your audience, be that in Australia or overseas, please contact him to discuss pricing and availability. Please include the location, approximate audience #s and demographics, talk duration and desired themes/angles in your enquiry. Please ask well in advance, as Chris's busy schedule - usually planned over a year in advance - often prevents last-minute bookings!

Read Chris's mini bio online, to understand why his talks are so unique.

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