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Our Philosophy

We believe in simplifying photography and empowering everyone to enjoy its beauty. Whether through our free tutorials online, our intensive 1 Day Photography Courses around Australia, or our private, small-group photo safaris around the world - we aim to give you more enjoyment from your passion.

We look forward to meeting you.

Who is Chris Bray?

With his self-taught photography skills honed in some of the most demanding and inspiring environments on Earth, Chris Bray - award winning Australian Geographic photographer and Lowepro ambassador - has a knack for simplifying and explaining photography. Heading to Antarctica in 2008 he put together his first course, and now hundreds of workshops later, his highly acclaimed '1 Day Photography Courses' have enlightened thousands, and his company expanded into running renowned small-group photo safaris to the world's most wonderful places. An adventurer at heart, Chris grew up sailing around the world, has lead world-first expeditions across the arctic (now a feature film 'The Crossing' and book '1000 Hour Day') and together with Jess, the first people to sail a junk-rig yacht through the infamous Northwest Passage above Canada and Alaska. A successful author, motivational speaker and conservationist, Chris recently founded 'Conservation United', crowd-funding the world's critical conservation projects.

Chris's work has appeared in everything from National Geographic (as well as Australian and Canadian Geographic) to TIME Magazine and Discovery Channel, and even translated into Dutch, French and Czech.

Who is Jonathan Ives?

With his images appearing in Australian Geographic, AG Outdoor and other prestigious publications, Jonathan Ives is a gifted and passionate photographer running many of our courses and safaris. Having completed his Bachelor of Science in Advanced Biology (specialising in animal behaviour) in 2009, Jonathan's dovetailed his keen interest in wildlife and the outdoors with his photography skills to capture truly unique images. He loves the capacity for photography to freeze or bend moments in time, allowing others to experience the beauty within our natural world.

We were lucky enough to meet Jonathan in 2010 whereupon his energy, dedication, professionalism and great people skills immediately caught our attention. He came with us to assist on several safaris and photo courses, learning the ropes while also completing his Master of Arts. In 2013 Jonathan joined Chris Bray Photography full-time, and the company has gone from strength to strength. Jonathan now runs many of our sell-out photography courses and safaris to high acclaim, and developed our new 'weekend escape' offerings.

Who is Jessica Bray?

Jess Bray, Chris's wife, is an experienced wilderness guide, professional photographer, videographer, video editor and a passionate adventurer. She's had her photos widely published including in Australian Geographic Outdoor, in-flight and wedding magazines, and helped create and grow Chris Bray Photography from the start. Jess is now Operations Manager, not only organising and coordinating the courses and safaris, but assisting on them too - her photography skills and approachable nature allowing her to teach, encourage and inspire all our guests. Jess has a bachelor degree in Social Science, and on the side has her own business filming and photographing weddings and other events.

Work aside, Jess's main passion is filming and photographing the many adventures she and Chris get up to, including cycling around Tasmania and New Zealand, hiking, and recently becoming the youngest couple to sail through the infamous Northwest Passage in the arctic aboard their small wooden yacht 'Teleport' which they rebuilt together back in 2010.

Our Assistants

We're very proud and fortunate to have these exceptionally talented people helping us run our photography courses and safaris. Selected from Australian Geographic staff and particularly successful photography course participants who've gone on to start their own photography businesses, all our assistants share a passion and skill for photography, and a wonderful ability help other people in that friendly, easy-to-understand way that we love. Click to read their stories.

Natsumi Penberthy

Louise Wright

Michelle Oppert

Sarah Summers

Simone Heron

Jamie Theodore

Hollie Newman

Giving Back

Let's face it - many of the incredible species we delight in sharing with you are endangered, and many of the pristine environments under threat. The communities living in these areas can often barely afford life's basics, let alone the luxury of conservation. We profit from their environment, so we strongly believe in giving back - not only to the local people, which in turn encourages them to value the environment we come to see, but also giving directly to conservation projects.

We've distributed many thousands of dollars worth of supplies to schools across Kenya and watched their attendance rate rise. We've bought and specially modified a bicycle water collection in a remote village, previously carried km by women every day - now they even deliver to neighbouring villages. Every year we even donate over a thousand dollars to the conservation efforts by the National Parks and Wildlife team on Christmas Island who are witnessing species disappear every few years. A portion of our profits also go the Australian Geographic Society, who support conservation, science and adventure.

Many of our safari guests feel the same way and donate with us. It's a privilege to experience these beautiful places, and it's partly our responsibility to help keep them that way.